Advent Calendar Ideas for Adults: 13 Unique and Fun Ways to Countdown to Christmas

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Advent Calendar Ideas for Adults: 13 Unique and Fun Ways to Countdown to Christmas

Prepare to deck the halls and countdown to Christmas with some fabulous advent calendar ideas for adults. Advent calendars are the holiday season’s secret sauce, turning the days leading up to Christmas Day into a merry marathon of daily surprises. And don’t think they’re just for the little kids – nope, these calendars are stuffed with goodies for grown-ups!

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Advent Calendar Buying Guide

Before you choose your Christmas advent calendar for yourself or your friend, it’s important to think about a few details. Here’s a little guide to help you pick the perfect one:


There’s an array of themes out there. Whether the person you’re buying for is a craft beer enthusiast, a tea lover, or a beauty guru, there’s something that’ll hit the spot. Match the theme to their hobbies or interests for a surefire win.


What’s behind those little doors matters. Are you looking for trinkets and treats or something to please the palette? Choose a calendar that’ll give you the kind of goodies you’re excited to uncover each day.

Also, consider how many days are included in your advent calendar. Some calendars begin on December 1, and some only work for the final 12 days before Christmas.


You want something that will last the whole season without falling apart. Look for good craftsmanship and quality contents – and remember that you usually get what you pay for, as my dad would say. A cheap advent calendar will likely include cheaply made goods. 


Prices are as varied as the calendars themselves. Set your budget first, then start hunting. Just remember, sometimes shelling out a bit more upfront can give you better value in the long run.


Don’t fly blind – see what others are saying. Positive feedback about the fun factor and the build can steer you towards a winner.

Keep these pointers in mind, and you’ll find an advent calendar that’ll make counting down to the holidays as joyful as the big day.

Advent Calendar Ideas for Adults

The Wonder of the Greatest Gift

It’s not just a calendar but a family affair that brings an interactive spin to the classic advent story.

A pastel-colored paper advent calendar with a 3D tree

If you want to add meaning to your advent celebrations, “The Wonder of the Greatest Gift” is my go-to recommendation. This calendar, produced by Ann Voskamp, has been a part of our holiday routine for a couple of years and is a hit. It’s got a really cool 3D Christmas tree that the entire family can decorate together, which is a fun way to bond and get those Christmas feels going.

The daily readings are a nice blend of festive stories and reflections. It’s a bit on the bigger side, and the little ones might zone out during the longer passages, but overall, it’s a solid choice. This advent calendar is a great way to celebrate the spiritual side of the Christmas season. Plus, it’s a neat way to introduce the family to more profound Christmas stories with its Jesse Tree feature. I love that this advent calendar focuses on the story of Christmas. For families with multiple kids, there are no little gifts to argue over and no need for every member of the family to have their own advent calendar.

Gertex Sock Calendar

Who wouldn’t want to unwrap a pair of jolly socks every morning? It’s like Christmas for your feet!

12 socks laid out under a box showing a christmas star in a winter setting.

If you’re in the market for something that’ll get you into the holiday groove, the Gertex Ladies Sock Advent Calendar is a cozy pick. Revealing a new pair each day for 12 days brings a fresh pop of festive fun to your sock drawer. They’re comfy and cute, and waking up to grab a new pair is like a mini Christmas every morning.

Just a heads up, though, they’re a one-size-deal, fitting women’s size 9-11. I have big, size 11 feet, so they’re pretty snug for me, but the nylon blend is pleasant on your toes. And they’re not your fancy-schmancy luxury socks, but they have charm. And the designs? Totally up the Christmas alley. Plus, they come all wrapped up in a neat package, ready to slide under the tree.

From personal experience, these socks are a treat. They add that sprinkle of Christmas cheer to the lead-up to the big day. If you’re all about that comfy Christmas countdown life, you might want to snag a calendar for yourself or as a gift. It’s been a winner on my holiday hit list!

Jigsaw Puzzles

For puzzle enthusiasts, this is a cozy way to get those brain juices flowing as the fire crackles.

For all you puzzle fans out there, the KWYZ Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles Advent Calendar is a fresh twist on your December countdown. It’s a 1008-piece challenge that will keep you busy until Santa’s sleigh bells ring. But the fun part is that they come parceled out in small packets of 42 puzzle pieces each, making this puzzle a cinch to put together one day at a time as the season ticks by each day.

The pieces are rugged, eco-friendly, and click together like a charm. Putting this bad boy together is like building your own holiday masterpiece; once you finish, it doubles as a festive decor piece.

A jigsaw puzzle showing a Christmas tree scene

I’ve had a blast with it, and it’s been a hit in my place. The puzzle’s solid, the design’s a holiday win, and it’s a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit. I recommend it if you’re up for the challenge and want to add some puzzle-solving fun to your holiday traditions.

Michigan Road Trips banner image with pink background and navy and white words, including an image of Michigan

Body Shop Treats

Daily doses of beauty that will keep you glowing brighter than the Christmas lights.

If you’re all about that self-care life or looking to treat someone to a bit of luxury, The Body Shop’s Share the Love Big Advent Beauty Calendar is where it’s at. This beauty bonanza is loaded with 25 top-notch goodies that’ll have you or your giftee glowing from head to toe.

A stack of beauty products

Each little box is a day of pampering waiting to happen, complete with all the feel-good vibes. From my own experience? It’s the bomb. You get everything from hand cream to face masks, all vegan, all cruelty-free. It’s a mix of self-care and earth care, which is pretty awesome. Every day feels like a mini Christmas morning with a new treat to try.

So, if you’re down for a daily dose of indulgence leading up to the holidays, this advent calendar is a sweet pick. Trust me, it’s the kind of merry-making that keeps on giving.

24 Days of Tea

A cup of cheer for each day, perfect for those chilly mornings.

a navy blue box shown with tea bags in front.

Tea enthusiasts, get ready to steep yourself in the holiday spirit with the Palais des Thés 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar. It’s a cozy and classy way to countdown to Christmas with a new brew every morning.

You’ll get a mix of single estate teas and some creative blends that’ll take your taste buds on a little holiday around the world – from the comfy warmth of a limited-edition holiday tea to the exotic vibes of Darjeeling. It’s like a mini globe-trotting trip in your teacup.

I’ve been sipping my way through this calendar, and it’s been a delight. The quality is spot-on, and it’s a pretty luxe experience. So, if you’re cool with splurging a bit for some festive cheer in a cup, this advent calendar is a solid bet. Plus, it makes a pretty snazzy gift for your tea-loving pals. Cheers to a brew-tiful holiday countdown!

Alcohol-Free Spirits Calendar

Get the festive feels without the fuzz. Mocktails, anyone?

A cardboard box printed with red ink showing tiny bottles of booze in front.

Looking to spice up the Christmas countdown? Check out the Holiday Spirits Calendars Advent Calendar. It’s a crafty little number that lets you stash your choice of mini spirits or whatever tiny treasures you fancy in its pockets.

I’m all about making holiday traditions my own, so I snagged one of these to test drive. It’s got this relaxed vintage vibe, and the cardboard’s sturdy enough to handle a holiday comeback next year. In fact, this would make a perfect white elephant gift to hand around year after year.

Heads up, though – it comes empty, so you’ve got to supply your own mini bottles. The price might feel steep for a DIY situation, but the charm is worth it, especially if you enjoy picking out mini bottles to fill it.

So yeah, if you’re cool with some prep and want an advent calendar as unique as your holiday cheer, this one’s a solid pick. Just remember to stock up on those mini treats early!

Jewelry Calendars

Add a little sparkle to your holiday outfits with a piece of jewelry each day.

The Naler Christmas Jewelry Advent Calendar is a gem of a find. It’s like opening a little treasure chest every day with a fresh piece of bling to brighten up the holiday hustle.

I gave this calendar a whirl and gotta say it’s pretty sweet. Each day’s reveal is a fun little moment, and the quality’s got that durable, skin-friendly vibe. Rocking a new piece every day definitely ups the Christmas ante.

many pieces of jewelry shown on a white background

If you’re down for adding some sparkle to your festive season or gifting a box of daily delights, this advent calendar is a solid pick. It’s all about that countdown excitement and decking out in some holiday cheer.

Chakra Crystals & Healing Stones

For a zen Christmas, align your chakras with a new stone as you countdown.

For something a bit different this holiday, the Hogesa Advent Calendar, with its 24 crystals, is a standout choice. It’s like a daily dose of zen for the countdown to Christmas, each gem offering a little moment of peace and potential healing vibes.

This calendar will do if you’re looking for something more than your average chocolate-a-day calendar! It’s a hands-on, thought-provoking treat with some holistic charm. Unboxing a new stone each day could be just the ticket to balancing those hectic festive energies.

many small stones and crystals, one of many advent calendar ideas for adults

Of course, the crystals are pretty small items – think quarter-sized – and this might not hit the mark if you’re not into the whole healing stone scene. It’s a unique pick, not just another gift off the shelf.

Having given it a go, I can say it’s a cool, calming lead-up to the big day. Each crystal is a new conversation starter, a new way to reflect and find a bit of calm in the Christmas chaos, and isn’t that what an adult advent calendar is all about?

So, if you’re shopping for someone who loves a touch of mindfulness or if you want to treat yourself to a serene December without worrying about adding extra sweet treats to your holiday diet, this calendar is worth checking out. It’s a thoughtful, caring way to show some love this season.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

12 Days of Fishmas

For the fishing fanatics, lure in a big one with daily tackle treats.

a blue square with "12 days of fishmas" written on front and images of fishing gear surrounding it

Do you have an angler in your circle who’s just itching for those peaceful lake days, even when it’s chilly outside? Hook them up with the Mystery Tackle Box 12 Days of Fishmas Advent Calendar. It’s a fresh take on the classic advent calendar that swaps out chocolates for lures and fishing gear.

This little box of fishing joy is a daily surprise of angling gear that’ll get any fishing enthusiast hooked. It’s like having Christmas come early for twelve straight days, with each reveal bringing a bit of that summer fishing trip nostalgia.

Some of these goodies might feel like small fries if you’re a pro with the rod. But all in all, this advent calendar is a catch for kicking off holiday festivities with some outdoor flair. It’s been making waves since 2012, and it’s easy to see why – exclusive and limited-edition gear that’s all about that bass (and panfish).

Whether it’s for gifting or just reeling in some holiday spirit for yourself, this Mystery Tackle Box is a surefire way to make any angler’s season merry and bright.

Burt’s Bees Goodies

Pucker up under the mistletoe with all-natural lip balm and other skincare essentials.

A yellow background with a bearded man cartoon and the words Burt's Bees in red.

For those keen on keeping their smackers soft and ready for mistletoe moments, Burt’s Bees Bundle Up with Burt’s Advent Calendar is a solid bet. It’s a cozy way to count down the days with a bit of lip love.

Packed with 12 little balms, you get a burst of moisture each day thanks to the beeswax and oils. And hey, it’s like a flavor fiesta without the tint – pure, simple, and just right for anyone looking to avoid that sticky gloss feel.

The surprise element is pretty neat, although you don’t get to pick your flavors – it’s all about the advent adventure, right? I gave this calendar a go, and my lips are thanking me – they’re staying chap-free despite the chill. It’s like a bit of holiday cheer for your face. Plus, they’re perfect for when you’re on the go.

If you’re down for some daily lip balm lovin’ and don’t mind the surprise mix, this Burt’s Bees calendar is a festive win. Give your lips the gift of hydration this holiday!

Couples Calendar

Spice up the cold nights with fun activities designed for two.

Are you looking to jazz up the holidays with your other half? The Tingletouch Advent Calendar for couples might be the ticket to making your festive season a little more… festive. It’s packed with various activities that promise to add some zest to your chilly evenings.

This thing is a toolbox for fun, romance, and a sprinkle of adventure. Whether you’re in that honeymoon phase or have been partners-in-crime for ages, it’s a terrific way to switch things up and create new holiday memories.

A folded cardboard display made to look like a building at night with lit windows.

I took the plunge and snagged one for me and my hubby, and let me tell you, it’s been an adventure for sure. Each day is a choice of quick fun or diving deep into something more daring. It’s about connecting, laughing, and maybe even a little blushing.

So, if you’re cool with a dash of daring and looking to gift your relationship some quality time, this calendar is a solid choice. It’s all about making those moments count, one day at a time.

multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

Bonne Maman Spreads (Jellies and Jams)

Spread some joy (and deliciousness) on your morning toast with a variety of fruity flavors.

For anyone with a sweet tooth looking to count down the days to Christmas Eve with a bit of flair, the Bonne Maman Advent Calendar is a total treat. It’s like a little jar of joy each morning, with 23 different fruity flavors and a special honey.

This calendar is also a feast for the eyes—super cute with a festive look that’ll zhuzh up your kitchen space. It’s the kind of gift that any jam enthusiast or foodie friend would adore (and so will your toast).

A white display box with 3 mini jelly jars in front

I got my hands on one last year, and let me tell you, it’s been a hit at my breakfast table. Those spreads? Heavenly. We’re talking gourmet flavors like Caramel with Cinnamon and Pineapple with Ginger that’ll have you rethinking your jam game.

In short, if you’re down for starting your day on a festive and fruity note, this advent calendar is a spread of holiday happiness this Christmas. It’s worth the splurge to make those December mornings more delightful.

Keurig Variety Pack

Wake up to a new coffee flavor every day because what’s Christmas morning without a good cuppa?

A Green box with a large red mug of coffee and the words "24 Cups of Cheer"

The Keurig Advent Calendar Variety Pack is a coffee-filled countdown dream for the caffeine fiends on your list. Imagine waking up every morning to a new coffee adventure—24 days, 24 flavors, from the classic roasts to festive cocoa and even some latte action.

All the pods are the real deal, made for Keurig machines, so you’re getting that smooth brew every time. And they’re eco-friendly, so you can sip guilt-free, knowing you’re not adding to the holiday waste.

Sure, the flavor roulette might not be everyone’s cup of tea…  well, coffee, especially if you’re picky about your beans. And since it’s a one-and-done deal per flavor, you might wish for repeats of your top picks.

I took this calendar for a spin, and let me tell you, it’s been a morning game-changer. The variety’s spot-on, and there’s something exciting about not knowing what you’ll get each day. It’s a small thing, but it adds a little extra jingle to the morning routine.

So, if you’re keen to jazz up your Java this December, this Keurig pack is a solid shout. Just grab it quick—like the holidays, it won’t stick around forever.

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And I, the Hip Grandma, contributed by writing the Michigan chapter!

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Wrapping It All Up

Whether you’re into the scents of the season, the taste, or some crafty fun, these adult advent calendars are a great idea to get into the holiday tradition. They’re a simple way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home and the perfect way to ensure merry vibes all December long. Plus, they make great gifts for family members, so why not start a new fun tradition this year? Cheers to a happy holiday countdown!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique advent calendar gift ideas for adults?

When considering unique advent calendar gift ideas for adults, think outside the box. Consider items that are both practical and enjoyable. Some fun ideas include mini bottles of wine or liquor, gourmet snacks, scented candles, or even small succulents. You can also tailor the gifts to the recipient’s interests, such as craft supplies, beauty products, or office accessories.

How can I make a homemade advent calendar for adults?

Making a homemade advent calendar for adults can be a fun and creative project. You can use small boxes, envelopes, paper bags, or even repurpose items like a muffin tin or spice rack. Fill each compartment with small gifts or small treats, such as chocolates, tea bags, or handwritten notes. You can decorate the calendar with festive paper, ribbon, or stickers.

What are some creative advent calendar fillers for adults?

Creative advent calendar fillers for adults can include items like puzzle books, mini board games, or small DIY projects. You can also include things encouraging self-care, such as face masks, bath bombs, or aromatherapy oils. Personalized gifts like photo prints or custom ornaments can also make for thoughtful fillers.

What are some thoughtful advent calendar ideas for a loved one?

Thoughtful advent calendar ideas for a loved one can include items that hold sentimental value, such as family photos or handwritten notes. You can also include items that reflect shared interests or memories, such as concert tickets or a special recipe book. Consider adding small surprises like a favorite candy or a new book by their favorite author.

What are some non-traditional advent calendar options for adults?

Non-traditional advent calendar options for adults can include items like a beer or wine calendar, a beauty calendar, or even a workout calendar. You can also create a calendar that focuses on a specific theme or hobby, such as a travel-themed or crafting calendar.

What are some affordable advent calendar ideas for adults?

Affordable advent calendar ideas for adults include homemade treats, handmade crafts, or even free activities like movie nights or game nights. You can also find affordable gifts at discount stores or online retailers. Remember, it’s the thought that counts, so focus on creating a calendar that reflects the recipient’s interests and personality.

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