50 Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women Over 50 Who Have Everything

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50 Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women Over 50 Who Have Everything

Do you need some go-to gift ideas for women over 50?  Even if you’re a woman over fifty yourself, it can be hard to know just the right thing to gift to a friend or family member.  Good news!  You have come to the right place!  Everyone loves a thoughtful gift.  No matter the occasion, women over 50 still love to be treated to something special, even if she already seems to have everything she needs.

Be ready to treat that special someone to the perfect gift with this gift guide for the over 50 women on your next occasion.  Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a birthday, this list will give you plenty of ideas to shower the woman you care about with special and unique gifts.


The Best Gifts for the Newly Minted 50-Year-Old Woman

Is your best friend or sister turning fifty?  Help her celebrate this milestone birthday by reminding her how amazing she is with these ideas for 50th birthday gifts.  As older adults, we must remember to celebrate all our accomplishments, and by fifty, you know you’ve accomplished some things.  Fifty is a birthday that calls for a celebration!

blue background with sterling silver necklace showing 5 rings

1 – This 5 Rings Necklace is the perfect and beautiful piece of jewelry to celebrate turning 50.  Each ring represents a decade of life well-lived.

pastel background showing various gifts for women over 50

2 – I love this 50 Gift Box, an affordable way to treat the fifty-year-old in your life with goodies, including a travel wine glass (who doesn’t need one of those?)!

black t-shirt with the words "not a day over fabulous"

3 – For the woman with a sense of humor!  This Not a Day Over Fabulous shirt will undoubtedly bring a smile to the face of a woman who knows precisely how fabulous she really is.

white coffee mug with black handle and the words fifty is the ultimate F word

4 – This F-word mug is also super fun for the woman with a sense of humor, especially if she’s a bit naughty.  I love this and may just need to add it to my mug collection!

Wonderful Gifts for the Wonderful Mom

I’m sure I’m not the only fifty-year-old woman who is still an everyday active mom.  Many women in their fifties still have kids at home, so a mom gift is a welcome surprise.  Choose from these wonderful gifts for the woman who is a seasoned mom.  Or hey – nowadays, many moms are just beginning their mom journey at fifty, so be sure and keep them in mind, too!

5 – This decorative rack is the perfect way to store mugs and wine glasses and makes a fun statement piece with humor!

wooden rack that holds 2 wine glasses and 2 coffee mugs

6 – Many moms love to pass their stories on to the next generation.  If the mom you know is into that sort of thing, then look no further!  This Mom Journal is the perfect way for her to do just that.

A book cover showing the words "mom's journal"

Amazing Gifts for the Grandma

While some women are busy parenting, others are busy learning how to grandparent after that fiftieth birthday.  Trust me when I tell you that grandparenting is worth celebrating!  Pick an amazing gift from this list that will help her remember the fun of being a grandma!

7 – One of my favorite things on this list is the hanging occasion sign.  My family has welcomed new spouses and babies as my children have grown.  My over-fifty brain has started to forget things more than it used to over the past couple of years, and this sign has become an excellent and welcome addition to my home décor.  I have no excuse to forget occasions like birthdays and anniversaries now!  My daughter knew what she was doing with this gift!

family occasion hanging sign

8 – I have found the perfect gift for the grandma who isn’t right next door to her grandkids.  Whether she is across town or the country, this Digital Picture Frame will help her stay in touch with the loves of her life!  The best feature is that her loved ones can send photos digitally, which will pop directly up on the screen—easy peasy for everyone involved.

a pair of hands holding a digital picture frame with the features spelled out

9 – Yep – another joy of reaching the “over 50” milestone is that we begin to lose body heat.  Even in my perfectly warm home, I find moments between the hot flashes when I’m just plain chilly.  Especially my feet.  This throw blanket is the perfect solution to keep those toes toasty.  Not to mention every grandma would love a cuddle with their sweet grandchild in this fuzzy blanket.

A dusty blue blanket printed with all the words for grandma is draped over a comfortable chair

10 – Storyworth!  I discovered this fantastic service a year ago and gifted it to my mom and now to my aunt.  Each week the Storyworth service sends a question to your loved one, who then takes a few minutes to type out her answer and submit it.  Storyworth then sends that answer to your email so you can read the response and even reply.  Storyworth will bind all of those answers into a keepsake book for your enjoyment at the end of one year!  I love this, and you will, too!  Using this link, you will receive $10 off your annual subscription!

A personalized storybook that is a wonderful gift for women over 50

Best gifts For the Tech-Savvy Woman

The world is full of technology!  Some of the best gifts help us embrace that technology and make our everyday life easier.  If you need a great gift idea that celebrates technology and helps a girl get through the day with a little more ease (hello, Robot vacuum!), choose one of these great ideas!

A Shark Robot Vaccuum in all black next to a cell phone with the Shark logo on the screen

11 – Last year, I found this great robot vacuum by Shark!  It is one of the best ways to keep the pet hair under control in my house.  Of course, you know I have a bald cat, but I also have a very hairy cat and a small dog who sheds more than you would expect.  This cool vacuum does its job while unattended; it also returns to the home base when it’s done and empties itself into a larger bin, so the owner doesn’t need to empty it every single time it runs.

A woman looks into the sunlight with her arms outstretched.  The circle light therapy lamp sits in the foreground

12 – The older I get, the more I miss the sunshine and daylight that comes with the summer months.  I live in Michigan in the United States, which is snowy in the winter, and daylight hours are reduced significantly from the long days of summer.  Maybe someday I’ll be a snowbird and head south for the winter months, but until that happens this Light Therapy Lamp is the perfect solution for reduced sunshine!

a purple eye mask with a control panel on front and also showing a woman over 50 sleeping with the mask

13 – Check out this soft and fuzzy Bluetooth Eye Mask, which allows you to listen to your favorite tunes while you tune out the rest of the world by covering your eyes and blocking out the light!  Bring on the nap!

a kindle paperwhite sits on top of a backpack in the grass

14 – The Kindle PaperWhite is the perfect way to have your book and read it, too!  (see what I did there, cake?)  Many of us in the over 50 set love our books on paper, not in digital format.  But good news.  Kindle has taken that into account by making your favorite book easy on your eyes and still portable.  The newest Kindle has a built-in light so you can read in the dark without disturbing your partner, too.  This gift is made for the reader!

Fantastic Gifts for Your Stylish Over 50 Friend

Do you need an excellent idea for an over fifty woman into that elegant look?  A fantastic gift for the stylish woman may include beauty products or a piece of jewelry (sterling silver for the win!).  Pick a beautifully designed and thoughtful gift like one of these.

15 – This wall-mount jewelry bar is the perfect way for a classy woman to keep her pieces of statement jewelry conveniently organized and handy.

wall shelves with bars of jewelry hanging below

16 – Help your over 50 friend be on trend with a darling little fridge that will keep her cosmetics cool and fresh for a long product shelf life!  I have one of these little guys, and I love keeping my nail wraps and foundation in it for a refreshing boost in the hot summer months.

tiny refrigerator with cosmetics showing
Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

17 – Treat your loved one to this gorgeous and soft Duvet Cover from Betsey Johnson.  Betsey’s whimsical designs are perfect for the mature woman who loves a little style in her life!

A calming bedroom with gray walls and a beautiful dusty rose bedspread

18 – If the Duvet Cover is a little understated for your friend’s taste, check out this Black and Snake statement bag by Betsey Johnson.  Gorgeous!

Black tote bag with a snake print pastel-colored scarf and cosmetic bag

19 – This beautiful and classy mug is the perfect gift for your over 50 friend, and it’s perfectly feminine in the beautiful shade of dusty pink. I love the words that are so uplifting, “Sometimes you forget you’re awesome, so this is your reminder!”

a soft pink marble-print mug with flowers surrounding

20 – The best gift you can give your friend is the gift that keeps on giving!  This jar full of inspiration will do just that. For even more fun, consider a birthday party for your friend with a self-care theme. Click HERE to find all the details for how to throw a self-care party.

a dark background with a wine glass, an artful sculpture planter, and a jar filled with scraps of blue and violet papers
multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

Great Ideas for the Pet Loving Over 50 Woman

Do you need a gift for a woman over fifty who loves her pets? This special woman would love a gift that reminds her of her sweet pets. Here are a couple of wonderful and heart-warming ideas for the pet lover in your life!

a big fuzzy grey cat sits looking at a stained glass window ornament of a cat on a slice of blue moon

21 – This beautiful Stained Glass Window Hanging is perfect for your cat-loving friend!  A quick peek at this happy cat perched on the moon’s edge will give any woman over 50 a smile.

a woman does a pushup next to a water bottle with the words "drink water right meow" on it

22 – As I have aged, I’ve noticed how much more I count on getting enough water in my system – to keep my skin soft, my lips from chapping, and my nailbeds from cracking and forming painful hangnails.  A cute water bottle like this one is a perfect reminder to keep chugging that water!

a paw shaped cutting board with some items of food on it

23 – For fun in the kitchen, what’s better than a cutting board shaped like a pet’s paw!?  And it’s sustainably made from Bamboo – a 2 in 1 winner!

Great Ideas for the Woman Who Loves to Cook

Some women love to cook, believe it or not!  Whether she loves to cook or simply needs to cook for her family, check out a great idea that will bring her joy in the kitchen!  You can choose a kitchen tool like an Instant Pot (fancy pressure cooker) or an air fryer.  Or – if she already has all of those things, consider a food gift.

24 – I once received an olive oil sampler pack filled with unique flavors.  I loved it!  I got to try several new kinds of oil, and we added a new favorite to my pantry as a staple!  Here is a great sampler pack to get you started!

a box that says "olive oil" with small bottles of oil in front

25 – A fancy kitchen gadget makes a great gift!  Check out this Instant Pot, which makes a delicious meal in a much shorter time than in the oven.  That’s a sure win for any woman over 50 who wants to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the fruits of her labor!

A silver Instant Pot

26 – Another fancy gadget that will be welcome in any kitchen is an Air Fryer! Make your meals faster, healthier, and crispier in this countertop kitchen appliance. Perfect for the woman who loves to cook, but tries to keep her meals healthy!

a black air fryer with a cookbook next to it

27 – When I first married thirty years ago, I had an inexpensive knife set.  Over the years, knives came and went in my kitchen, according to the trend or the current sale.  Now that I have reached this stage of life, it makes sense to stop buying cheap knives.  My husband recently gifted me with a fantastic knife block and stainless-steel pro-grade knives!  Those knives have been a game-changer for me! This Cuisinart knife set is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

a wooden knife block sits atop a kitchen counter

Perfect Gifts for the Woman Who Loves to Travel

Many women who have reached their middle years now have the time and freedom to travel like they never did when their children were young and needed full-time care and attention!  So if you know a woman who loves to travel, like me, then here are a few perfect items for taking on her next trip!

scratch off map of the world with accessories

28 – This scratch-off map is the perfect gift for the travel lover!  The user gets to scratch off the country and flag of each location visited. What a fun and unique way to track her travels. This makes a beautiful home display and conversation piece as well.

a travel jewelry pouch laid out

29 – Every woman needs a travel jewelry holder to keep her favorite items handy.  Bonus – this little jewelry holder is a perfect size and prevents necklace tangles while on the road.

Travel Cosmetic bag filled with jars and bottles

30 – Even if she isn’t into a full face of glamour, women in my age range almost always appreciate excellent skincare.  This cosmetic bag is the perfect way to tote the necessities when heading out for a carefree weekend!

a floral print shoe bag with zipper in the middle

31 – A girl with great shoes needs a great travel shoe bag.  This bag will keep her shoes from dirtying the rest of her clothing and each other, and looks fun, too!

Self-Care Gifts for the Woman Who Practices Great Self-Love

Gifts are a great way to practice self-care.  And where would we be without it?  Self-care might be a new idea for those of us in our fifties.  It may even seem silly if you’re not used to practicing it.  However, if you’ve read any of my posts on the importance of self-care and self-love, you’ll know its difference in a woman’s life.  From bath bombs to aromatherapy, some great gifts like these will help your friend treat herself with love and care!

32 – Aromatherapy candles are a thoughtful and beautiful gift every woman loves.  The smell is perfect for soothing the senses while practicing yoga or having a spa evening.

a montage of images showing candles burning in various settings

33 – This bamboo bathtub caddy takes a bath from a quick dunk to a luxurious soak.  I love to burn an aromatherapy candle and set my mirror on my caddy while soaking.  It’s all even better with a glass of wine or a cup of hot cocoa!

a bamboo bath caddy with ipod, wine glass, and flowers

34 – Another way to practice delightful aromatherapy is to use a diffuser with her favorite essential oil.  This stylish glass diffuser is a statement piece and adds an elegant tweak to any room.

a glass ball in a wooden base diffusing steam

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35 – A great way to help the woman you care about practice self-care is using a fun tool like this Self-Care Bingo game.  It’s an inexpensive way to help her stay on top of putting herself first!  Just print it and go – or send her the link and she can print it on her own!

title self-care bingo with views of bingo cards behind it

Best Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Enjoys her Me Time

Since we just finished talking about the importance of self-love and self-care, now seems the perfect opportunity to mention how important it is to encourage the women in your life to practice what fills their cup.  For many women, that may be some good old-fashioned alone time.  But what’s a woman to do when left alone with no chores?  Pamper herself, of course!  Here are some of my best gift ideas for those times!

a woman models a giant hooded sweatshirt

36 – The Comfy original is all the rage in supersized comfort!  This oversized fleece sweatshirt will help anyone to feel cozy and warm.  A perfect gift for the fall and winter months, any woman over 50 will love to snuggle up with this Comfy and a good book or glass of wine!

A book cover entitled "I See Old People"

37 – Speaking of a good book, check out “I See Old People.”  This book celebrates small acts of kindness. It’s truly a feel-good book! Bonus – you can get a copy for free to read on your Amazon Kindle if you give a gift subscription to the Kindle Unlimited Service HERE. With this service, she can have a new book as often as she’d like with no price tag!

UGG brand cozy grey slippers

38 – As long as you’re helping your friend get cozy with these incredible gifts, you might as well add a pair of cozy slippers!  These slippers from UGG are stylish, comfy, soft, and perfect for a snuggle!

Best Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Loves to Show Her Unique Side

Not every woman over 50 wants to stay home and enjoy a quiet night alone.  For every homebody, there is another woman who is a social butterfly!  Treat that social butterfly you love to one of these perfect gifts. 

a thin woman's body modeling a spaghetti strap overall

39 – If you’re looking for a gift for that unique woman who loves showing off her natural self, check out this onesie from Free People.  Does it get any comfier than this in the warmer months?  Soft and moveable, this grown-up onesie is perfect for running errands, working in the garden, or practicing her yoga moves. 

a woman with pink hair and a jar of hair color

40 – Many women over 50 embrace their natural hair color, and I couldn’t love it more!  Some of us have gone a little mad and experimented with unnatural colors atop the natural grey!  Either way, a woman who celebrates her uniqueness will love Overtone hair color!  It smells great, is non-damaging, and comes in every shade of the rainbow!  So treat your friend to something new and funky with a gift of Overtone! Receive $10 off your $30 order when you use this link.

a pair of unique looking wineglasses

41 – A woman who loves wine will love a high-quality and classy wine glass.  These are beautiful and indeed make a statement! You can’t go wrong with this best gift for women over 50!

the cover of Christie Brinkley's book, Timeless Beauty

42 – For the woman who celebrates her age and understands that beauty truly is timeless, help her to celebrate her unique beauty with this book from Christy Brinkley a beauty in youth and maturity.

Healthy Gifts for the Woman over 50 Who Loves to Stay Fit

These gifts are perfect for a woman over 50 who loves to take care of herself by keeping in shape from weights to water bottles.  Taking care of our physical health can be fun and lead to better mobility and longer life.  You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts!

43 – I upgraded to an Apple Watch about a year ago and haven’t looked back!  My favorite features are the heart monitor and the fall notice.  I live out in the country, and the roads are slippery, even on the long walk down my driveway to my mailbox.  I love the comfort of knowing that if I were to slip on the ice and take a spill, the watch would recognize it and send notice to my husband.  Since heart disease runs in my family, I love that I can take my heart rate at any moment.  And my favorite part is that I can use the watch face to cycle through my favorite photos of my kids and grandkids.  Each time I lift my wrist to peek, I get a new image!

various views of the Apple Watch 7

44 – Every woman needs a gym bag, and a new one may be just the inspiration to re-up that gym membership.  Or if she’s already working hard, a new gym bag to replace the old smelly one is never a bad idea!  This gym bag has a pocket for your shoes, so they stay rubble-free to help keep her favorite gym clean and safe.

a purple gym bag with a shoe pocket

45 – Check out these Kettle Gryps!  As seen on Shark Tank, these are the perfect gift for the woman who works out at home and already has the weights but would love to venture into a solid kettlebell workout.  Transform the weights she already has into Kettlebells with these grips.  And as a bonus, you get to support an American innovator when you buy this gift!

an orange handle attached to a weight bar

My Favorite Gifts for the Over 50 Woman Photographer

Here are some of my ideas for the best gifts for women over 50. If she’s a photographer, that is! Each of these items is hand-picked from my very own collection of photography favorites!  You cannot go wrong with these gifts for your photographer friend! I have a whole list of photography-related gifts here!

a hand holds a folded up tripod

46 – The Peak Design Travel Tripod in Carbon Fiber is the very best tripod on the market, I’m convinced.  It’s lightweight, simple to use, and easy to carry.

a grey camera bag backpack

47 – The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is another favorite.  I don’t leave home without it.  It comes in multiple sizes, but this is the size I use and love. It’s filled with many pockets and compartments and the interior is fully adjustable. I can fit my camera body and 3 lenses in this bag along with all the accessories you can imagine!

an intervalometer shown with all the pieces

48 – An intervalometer will allow your photographer friend to set her camera up to take photos at specified intervals.  This handy little gadget is excellent for family selfies and nighttime images of star trails.

two high quality media cards

49 – High-quality memory cards are always a welcome gift!  A photographer can never have too many on hand! These are fast, large capacity, and stand up to many uses. I love these memory cards and seriously – I cannot have enough.

a small lens with the clip on adapter

50 – Probably my favorite photography gadget of all time, the Raynox 250x Diopter works perfectly with a 50mm lens to create amazing close-up macro photos.  And it’s tiny, lightweight, and snaps on and off the camera’s lens in an instant.

a side view of the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens

51 – I love, love, love my Canon 50mm f/1.8.  This lens is one of my favorite go-to lenses! It also works perfectly with the diopter shown above. Together, these two items are less costly than a macro lens with similar results.

Click HERE for More Gift Ideas for the Photographer in Your Life

For the Woman Who Truly Does Have Everything!

Some women really do have everything they need and want.  I know plenty of women in their fifties and older who simply don’t NEED anything.  That’s when the ever-popular gift card comes into play.  You may know what shop your family members love, but if you’re gifting to someone you don’t know that well, consider an Amazon gift card. 

52 – Among the benefits of choosing a gift card for your gift-giving are that you can get your gift card in any dollar amount.  You can have it delivered by email or text message.  Amazon carries almost anything you can imagine, from food to household products and personal items such as jewelry and clothing.

a blue background with an Amazon gift card next to a cell phone

Summing Up The Best Gifts for Women Over 50

All of the fabulous gifts listed on this post are hand-picked by your favorite over 50-year-old, yours truly!  You can’t go wrong with a special gift from this list.  Bring on the special occasion, because now you will be ready with these unique gift ideas.  If there’s something you have at home that you just simply love, and you’re over 50, like me, please share in the comments!  We mature women need to stick together in sharing what we love!

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