The 9 Best Must-Have RV Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Car or RV Road Trip

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The 9 Best RV Travel Apps for Planning Your Next Car or RV Road Trip

When it comes to hitting the open road, having the best RV travel app at your fingertips can make all the difference. Enhancing your journey is just as important as finding the way from point A to B.  And if you’re a car driver rather than an RV driver, don’t worry!  These apps will work for you, too.

The top RV travel app will give you up-to-the-minute information on traffic and weather and data about nearby camping grounds, gas stations, and exciting places. But that’s not all!

This technology can help you plan each day of your trip in detail or even suggest spontaneous detours based on what’s around you. With an RV travel app in hand, exploring becomes a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned RVer or planning your first adventure on wheels – choosing the right tool is key for effortless travel.

Benefits of Using an RV Travel App

The joy and freedom of exploring the Midwest and beyond in your RV are much easier when using a travel app. These handy tools, specifically designed for full-time RVers or occasional road trip enthusiasts, offer numerous benefits to women over 40 who love adventure.  Heck – they are great for everyone on the open road!  You don’t need an RV to enjoy these apps.

Trip Planning Made Simple

Imagine having your favorite RV navigation apps that offer suggested routes and help you find state and national parks and public campgrounds along the way. That’s precisely what RV trip-planning apps do. With campground reviews from fellow travelers at hand, every decision becomes more manageable as it is based on real experiences.

A Friend to Your Wallet

A road trip doesn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket. The beauty of these awesome apps lies in their ability to guide users towards free camping sites or cheaper alternatives like public campgrounds compared to private RV parks for RV Camping only. Plus, they keep tabs on gas stations en route, ensuring fuel stops don’t become financial nightmares.

Your Personal Navigator On-the-Go

No more worrying about unexpected detours or sudden weather changes affecting your journey. With live updates via GPS-based directions right within these simple yet practical applications, a smooth ride throughout is almost guaranteed, irrespective of where you’re headed next – an overnight parking spot or a new city exploration.  RV-specific GPS is a plus for travelers who must avoid low clearances on overpasses or tight turns.

Maintenance – A Breeze Now

Last but certainly not least are those mundane maintenance tasks that come part and parcel with the fun-filled RV life pro experience. RV Trip Wizard, among other great apps, provides checklists for routine RV maintenance checks so nothing gets missed while living this exciting lifestyle on wheels.

What is the Best RV Travel App?

The best RV travel app for your needs can differ based on what you’re looking for in an application. However, a few applications have become popular for their broad selection of features and user-friendly interfaces.  I’ve checked out three of them and studied reviews for you, so you don’t have to!

We’ll compare three widely-used options that make traveling by RV or car a breeze: RV Life Pro, Togo RV, and RV Trip Wizard.

RV Life Trip Wizard – RV GPS and Campgrounds

A favorite among full-time RVers, RV Life, provides an all-in-one solution for planning your RV trip. It offers RV Safe GPS, which means the best route suggestions tailored to the size and weight of your vehicle, ensuring safe travels no matter where you go.  With this app, you won’t have to worry about your route or the time to arrive at your destination.

This handy app covers everything from finding RV parks and gas stations to locating nearby RV dump sites.  No more worrying about whether you fit under that highway overpass!  RV Life handles that!

turquoise square with a graphic of a bus driving down a road and the words "RV Trip Wizard"

RV Trip Wizard isn’t just an RV navigation map, either.  One of the reasons it is much loved among full-time RVers is that it has so many features beyond just the map.  One of the most popular features is the Points of Interest Map which includes over 57,000 points of interest for you to scope out before adding them to your route.

One of my favorite features of this app is that it even helps you keep track of maintenance schedules for your vehicle.  We can all use a little help with that fun chore!

And finally, you can find ideal RV parks and campgrounds as you travel.  With over 20,000 campgrounds in the app and the ability to rank your memberships in travel clubs, you’ll know which park will give you the best value after a quick look into the app.  In addition, it conveniently locates dump sites, gas stations, and prices en route.

Built-in Value with RVLife

RVLife comes with a 7-day trial to give you ample opportunity to decide if it’s the right fit for you.  After seven days, the cost is approximately $60 per year.  A few nights at a lower-cost camping sight will quickly take care of that $60, making this a great value if you travel often enough.

A demo version comes with more limited capabilities for those who need more than seven days to decide if this is the right app.

Togo RV

Next up?  Togo RV!  This handy app receives high praise from fellow RVers.  It not only aids with trip planning but also includes maintenance reminders and checklists, ensuring that you are road ready at all times!

Togo also has an Overnight RV Parking app, so if you love the RV app, you may just love the Overnight Parking app as well.  Take note that Togo RV is not a free app, but it does offer a free 7-day trial, so if you don’t love it, it won’t cost you a penny!

A Dark green square with black squiggles in the background and a white dog head and the words TOGO RV

I love that this app provides access to reviews from fellow travelers on various campgrounds, making it easier to choose the right campground for you when you’re busy living out the dream of being a full-time traveler or an “RV life pro.”

Free Features with Togo

Some of the free features included with Togo are  Movile RV Repair Directory, which will help you find someone to repair your RV or car while you travel.  The Tire Finder lets you enter your tire specs and find the best replacements for your budget.  Pre-made RV checklists are available to get you safely on the road without forgetting any vital details!

You can also enter your vehicle specs and receive recall alerts, and maybe my favorite feature and the best part of this app is the Roadpass University, which is excellent for a new RV owner!

Togo RV is an excellent tool with high ratings among travelers.  Of course, besides the above options, it offers a campground search feature, which includes information about state parks and free camping sites throughout North America.

AllStays Camp & RV App

Last but certainly not least is AllStays Camp & RV, known for its comprehensive database covering everything from public campgrounds with RV sites to overnight parking lots for smaller vehicles.  This robust tool becomes indispensable whether one plans to stay at a state park or search out free camping sites and parking lots (Hello Cracker Barrel!) during road trips across the Midwest.

I feel safe in saying that AllStays is worth your time.  This app has been the #1 Selling, #1 Ranked, and #1 Reviewed Camping App for over 144 Months, with 4.5k reviews in the iOS app store and an overall ranking of 4.6 out of 5.

a graphic with a tent and a travel trailer and the words "Allstays" above

AllStays Camp & RV App is one of my favorite apps because, although it is simple, it is effective.  I love that it allows searches based on specific requirements like pet-friendly sites or overnight parking facilities.

a book sits on a wooden table with greenery in the background. The book's title is Midwest State Park Adventures

Midwest State Park Adventures makes a great travel companion or gift. Some of the best travel writers in the Midwest collaborated to put this book together, which covers 12 Midwest States and hundreds of state parks.

And I, the Hip Grandma, contributed by writing the Michigan chapter!

You can click on the photo to order on Amazon or click HERE to learn more and order a signed copy directly from me.

AllStays Has Years of Development

After 13 years of use and development, AllStays has the most campgrounds listed (37,000 in the United States and Canada) and includes FREE overnight parking options.  The filters on this app are excellent.  You can filter sites fairly easily by features such as pet-friendly sites, laundry availability, boat launch, toilet styles, swimming pool, and so on!

But my favorite feature of this app is that some of the data is stored on your phone, making it useable even when driving in and out of wifi or service areas.  Nothing is more frustrating than driving out of signal, losing your internet connection, and the ability to search as you travel.

Notice to Android users:  Allstays Camp and RV does not have an app for you.  However, you can open your browser and log in to use the same features, which is a bit of a drawback if you have your heart set on an app. However, it makes this app useable on any device, including your tablet, computer, or laptop!

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Consider Your Cost

When considering cost, RV Life Trip Wizard offers a limited-feature free version and a premium subscription. Togo RV comes with an annual fee. Allstays Pro is the least expensive of the three we’ve discussed here at 34.99 per year or 4.99 per month.

Any way you look at it, the ease these apps bring into your car or RV traveling experience often justifies their price tag.

Remember, no single application will meet every need perfectly. So, please look at each app’s features and consider the most important features before purchasing your perfect companion app.

 The Gist: 

Awesome RV travel apps like RV Life Trip Wizard, Togo RV, and Allstays Camp & RV Road Maps offer unique features tailored to your road trip needs. From campground searches to maintenance reminders and route planning, these tools simplify the journey. Consider cost and personal preferences when choosing your perfect digital companion.

Now that we’ve talked about adding a GPS and Trip planning app, let’s talk about a few apps that don’t do it “all” but do their own thing really well! Here are my favorite stand-alone apps that I wouldn’t travel without!

RVParky App

The user-friendly RV Parky app assists in locating RV dump stations and potential roadside attractions.  It’s FREE, making it a great starter app!

a blue square with a graphic of a sunset over a mountain scene and the words "RVParky"


Before I travel, and sometimes even after, you’ll find me cruising through TripAdvisor.  You’ll find places to go, things to do, and places to eat and stay in this handy free app.

TripAdvisor is location-specific, so enter your destination and see lists of all of the great things a destination has to offer and honest, up-to-date user reviews from people who have been there!   TripAdvisor is a great way to get genuine reviews from real people before wasting your time and efforts.

a bright green background with a black graphic of an owl's face and the words "TRIP ADVISOR"
Michigan Road Trips banner image with pink background and navy and white words, including an image of Michigan

Hotels Dot Com

When I need a place to stay, and the car or the RV just isn’t going to cut it, I use  You can search along your route and see prices at a glance, discounted from the walk-in rate.  This app has come in incredibly handy when I need a room at the last minute.

Be aware, though, if you make a reservation through this app and, for some reason, change your mind on arrival, refunds are not easy.  The hotel will immediately tell you to take it up with, and you may wait more than a week for your refund.

Red Square with abstract shapes indicating the corner of a hotel room.

Roadside Attractions

This handy little app called Roadside Attractions is my personal favorite app for finding quirky roadside stops!  I have used it for everything from finding a spooky shoe tree on a back country road to finding the EPIC Headquarters, the most fantastic work campus that seems more like a theme park than a business.

I truly love this great app!  It can turn your RV road trip from meh to magnificent! There is a small one-time cost to use the app, but it has been more than worth it for me!

a green square with a yellow road sign and a car all angled to the left


iExit is a nifty little app and just the thing to help you find a bite to eat, a gallon of gas, or a restroom as you travel.  Simply open the iExit app, which will use GPS to locate you on the Interstate, then give you a list of the upcoming exits and what you’ll find there, including fuel prices, truck stops, rest areas, and fast food restaurants!  I love this little app!

Green square with the word iExit and an arrow

Talking Trail

If you like to hear the story behind a story, this app is for you. Download the Talking Trail App, and when you are within a specified distance of a Talking Point, the app will notify you. A quick click on the map will give you a narrated story of the landmark you’re visiting. If you are a leisure traveler with time to learn and hear stories, you’ll LOVE Talking Trail.

a lime green square with a small circular logo with a tree and the words "Talking Trail"

Tips for Choosing an RV Travel App

Embarking on your next RV trip with the right app can transform your travel experience. Consider what you want when choosing the perfect app to accompany your RV journey.

Identify Your Requirements

The first step is recognizing what you need from an RV travel app. Are you seeking a straightforward navigation tool like Google Maps, or do you require more specific features such as finding RV parks, planning safe routes, locating gas stations, and even providing handy checklists? Knowing what’s essential will help streamline your choices.

Pore Over User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings provide invaluable insights into how well each option performs.  I certainly don’t know it all, and although I have used all of these apps, many others have also and may be able to answer your specific questions in a review.  Quickly browsing feedback on platforms like Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store will give you a balanced perspective.

Analyze Features & Usability

RV apps come in different pricing models: free versions with optional paid upgrades (like Togo RV), full-featured premium ones (such as RV Trip Wizard), and freemiums that offer limited functionalities unless upgraded – select one that fits your budget constraints and ensures value for what you spend.

Bonus Tip: Test Drive Before Committing

Of course, I recommend you try different options and compare their features whenever possible. Many of these apps offer free trial periods that will let you get a hands-on feel for their offerings firsthand and commitment-free. This practical exposure helps determine if a particular software ticks all of your boxes effectively, saving you time and effort.

 The Gist: 

 When choosing the best RV travel app, identify your needs first. Consider user reviews and ratings for insight into performance. Analyze features and usability to ensure it caters to all aspects of RV life within your budget. Don’t forget a test drive before committing.

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FAQs in Relation to Best Rv Travel App

Is there an app for RV routes?

Absolutely! Apps like Roadtrippers and RV Trip Wizard are explicitly designed to help plan your RV route, including stops at campgrounds and attractions.

Is RV Trip Wizard worth it?

Yes, the comprehensive features of RV Trip Wizard, such as custom routing, campground information, and cost estimation, make it a valuable tool for any RVer.

Is there an app like Airbnb for camping?

Surely. Hipcamp is similar to Airbnb but focuses on unique camping experiences. It lists thousands of campsites across the US.

How do I plan an RV trip around the US?

You can use travel planning apps like The Dyrt or AllStays that provide details about campgrounds, gas stations, and rest stops, along with user reviews to help you plan your journey efficiently.

Wrapping It All Up

Exploring the Midwest in an RV just got easier.  As a matter of fact, it just got easier if you travel in a car, too!  Whichever way you travel, the best RV travel app can transform your travels from stressful to effortless.

Comparing different apps helps you find the perfect match for your needs. And once you choose, mastering its use ensures smooth sailing (or driving).

Ready to hit the open road with confidence? Dive deeper into this topic and discover how these best apps can guide you through choosing and using the best RV travel app for unforgettable adventures on the road.

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