The Seven Best Places to Have a Kid’s Birthday Party in Holland, Michigan

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The Seven Best Places to have a Kid’s Birthday Party in Holland, Michigan

Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate your child’s birthday?  A party at home is great fun, and you can find all kinds of unique ideas for a theme party with a quick Pinterest search.  But not everyone is interested in hand-making every little favor or turning your own home into an Under the Sea Little Mermaid-style extravaganza.  If you’re looking for a location that will do most of the work for you and still leave your kids raving about how much fun they had, look no further!  I’ve researched for you, and here are the seven local places that offer excellent packages for a kid’s birthday party in Holland, Michigan.

For the Kid Who Loves to Bowl


I have raised five kids and have lived in Holland for almost 20 years.  Our family favorite for birthday parties over the years has been Bam.  You will find Bam on Holland’s Southside at 478 E. 16th Street, just a couple of blocks from 31, the highway that runs north and south through Holland.  Bam has striking bowling lanes (see what I did there?), so if your kid is all about bowling, you can reserve a lane or two, order a couple of pizzas, and let the party begin!

But if you’re into an all-out birthday bash, be sure and look into Bam’s party packages, which include the ropes course, the arcade, and laser tag.  Bam has recently added escape rooms to their party packages as well! 

kids having a pizza and bowling birthday party in kid's party in Holland Michigan
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The Bitty Bam Room!

My favorite way to party at Bam is in the Bitty Bam room.  You can rent the private Bitty Bam mini-bowling suite, which includes four mini-bowling lanes using mini bowling balls!  My kids and their friends love this mini bowling as it’s easier than the big lanes and moves along much more quickly.  While your party is bitty bowling, you can bring in your cake and order up some pizza to round out the fun!  The private Bitty Bam room is perfect for keeping your fun contained to only the people in your party.

Whatever kind of party you’re into, Bam can make it happen!

For the Movie-loving Kid

Holland 7 Theater

Are you looking for a kid birthday party in Holland, MI, for a pack of movie buffs?  Check out Holland 7, owned by Goodrich Quality Theaters.  You will find Holland 7 at 500 Waverly Road on the south side of Holland.  They are ready to party with you with all new COVID-19 safety measures in place.  They even have a special party room just for birthday moviegoers! 

At GQTI’s Holland 7, you can reserve a theater for a private event package.  If you’re not interested in a private party and are comfortable with a more public theater-going experience, Holland 7 offers several packages that include the movie of your choice, popcorn, sodas, and in some cases, even cupcakes.  If you would like to bring your cake to celebrate with the birthday guest, be sure to bring your paper goods as well.

Kids having birthday fun at Holland 7 - kid's party in Holland Michigan
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I like how simple a movie party is!  Seeing a movie is an excellent way for your birthday kid to spend time doing something he loves with his buddies while still being the star for the day.  And there’s almost no work involved for the parent at this party.  Have the kids show up at the proper time and be ready to keep them safe until their ride shows up at the end!  And every kid loves the idea of seeing a movie with their friends!

For the Gamer Kid – The Lost City

The Lost City is in the Holland Town Center, located at 12330 James St.  This local treasure is an indoor family entertainment venue and perfect for a kid’s birthday party in Holland, Michigan.  You will be dazzled at the 5,000-square-foot multi-level laser tag arena.  They also have an indoor mini-golf course and plenty of video games for your gaming kids. 

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The Lost City offers basic birthday party packages starting at around $10 per person.  Packages go all the way up to the Ultimate, which includes a private party room, food and beverages, and plenty of playtime for everyone!  Paper goods and some décor are even included, along with an ice cream treat.  Check out the multiple options available at The Lost City’s website.  If you need additional entertainment when you’ve had your fill of games, this location makes it super simple to walk your group across the parking lot to the Star Theater for a movie!

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For the Animal Loving Kid

The Critter Barn

One of my very favorite places to hold a kid’s birthday party in Holland, MI, is the Critter Barn.  Since 1984, The Critter Barn has taught local kids all about farm animals.  Located at 9275 Adams Street in Zeeland, Holland’s closest neighboring town, the Critter Barn is essential to the Holland/Zeeland community.  Before we get too far, I need to let you know that as of this publication, the Critter Barn has suspended their birthday party packages due to COVID-19 protocols.  However, when the world returns to a normal rhythm, I’m sure the party packages will be back.

Kids having birthday fun at Critter Barn - kid's party in Holland Michigan
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If you were lucky enough to enjoy a Critter Barn birthday party before Covid, then you know how special it is to party with the animals here!  Your group will enjoy feeding and petting many exciting farm animals, all of whom know how to be gently handled by curious kiddos.  There are ten stations around the farm where you can learn about the animals that live there.

But don’t worry – just because you can’t currently reserve a “party” doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a birthday visit to the Critter Barn.  Be sure to pack your masks, as masks are required when you’re inside the animal barns!

For the Kid Who’s Into Horses

AJ’s Farms in Holland

If your kids are into horses, then AJ’s Farms is the perfect place for your kid’s birthday party in Holland, Michigan.  Located at 6473 145th Ave. in Holland, AJ’s is a beautiful local horse farm.  AJ’s is not just about having a good time; their mission is to assist their visitors with personal development.  Their website puts it best, “AJS Farms desires to engage individuals and families of all backgrounds through self-motivation, strength, confidence, and teamwork in an authentic environment utilizing horses, the great outdoors, and various farm activities!”

I received a friendly and prompt response when I inquired about a birthday party.  With a party at AJ’s, you get an hour of party time and 90 minutes of horse time.  You can select from various activities available that include:

  • pony rides
  • pony trail rides
  • horse rides
  • horse trail rides
  • vaulting
  • pony cart rides
  • pony fashion shows

If your kids aren’t into video games and would rather spend some time in the fresh, clean air of the country, a party at AJ’s farm might be just the right choice for you!  Be sure and check them out!

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For the Kid With Boundless Energy

Urban Air Adventure Park

Does your kid have extra energy to spare?  Are you looking for a place to wear her out?  Then you will want to consider hosting your kid’s birthday party in Holland at the Urban Air Adventure Park.  This great new place is in Holland and in The Shops at Westshore at 12331 James Street.  Urban Air is perfect for your adventurous kid or teen to work out some excess energy!  You can choose from either a standard party or a super cool glow party where the lights go down, and the glow goes up!

Urban Air has several options and prices that will work for a group as small as five people, or you can “go big” with a private park rental that includes all of the deluxe accommodations you can imagine!  Whatever way you choose to proceed, be sure and make your reservation in advance.  Party spots at Urban Air fill up quickly, and you won’t want to miss out on your chosen date!

kid floating upside down at Urban Air - kid's party in Holland Michigan
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But What is Urban Air, you ask?

Now that we’ve covered basic party info, you may wonder what Urban Air is about.  You’ve come to the right place.  Urban Air features climbing walls, a ropes course, performance trampolines, and (preteen favorites) the Warrior and Wipeout courses.  Take a ride on the Sky Rider to see a birdseye view of the whole selection of activities.  But that’s not all.  Younger kids will love the Tubes Playground and the Drop Zone, where you can check out the giant, inflatable airbag!  There is no reason that you won’t be physically active when you’re playing at Urban Air!

As a mom, I love that Urban Air includes all of the décor and paper goods you’ll need for your party.  They even include water bottles for all of the participants so everyone stays hydrated while playing!  Welcome to Holland, Urban Air! 

For the Kid Who Loves Culture

Nelis’ Dutch Village

Nelis’ Dutch Village is the perfect place for your kids’ birthday party in Holland, especially if you have a kid who likes to try it all and loves a lot of space to explore.  Dutch Village is conveniently located right off of 31 at 12350 James St.  You can’t miss this fun little piece of Dutch Heaven.  You’ll see the Windmill-shaped Ferris Wheel as you pass by on the highway.

But once you’re inside the village, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported directly to the Netherlands.  Dutch Village has several educational displays all about Holland’s origin country.  Also, your kids will love the petting area where they can walk a goat on a leash and hand-feed the friendly farm animals.

Don’t miss sampling some of the Dutch food treats, including Dutch cheeses and a not-to-be-missed Stroopwafel.  All kids love learning about authentic Dutch Shoes and may get to see an artisan carving a pair at work.

Air view of Dutch Village - kid's party in Holland Michigan
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If your kids are all about the rides, they will not be disappointed in the fun rides at Dutch Village.  Party packages include admission with unlimited rides, shows, and the petting farm, special recognition for your birthday star, and food vouchers for a meal at the Hungry Dutchman Café.  Party attendees will receive free passes for a return visit as a special gift! 

Bonus Location – For the Kid Who Loves the Outdoors

The Beach

Since we live in Holland, Michigan, it goes without saying that the beach is an amazing location for a birthday party!  Be sure to bring an extra parent or two to keep an eye on the kids and have them buddy up for an extra dose of safety.  Wondering which beach makes the best party location?  Check out The 7 Most Amazing Beaches in Holland, MI, for the details on locations that you’ll love!

a great place for a birthday party - a child's feet in the waves of a lake

Wrapping It Up

There’s no doubt about it; if you want to schedule a kid party in Holland, there’s no lack of options available.  Holland, Michigan, is a lovely little town with so many incredible places to check out!  If I missed your favorite, be sure and mention it below!

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