10 Benefits of Therapy You Won’t Believe – Part 1

Did you know that the benefits of therapy are for everyone? Many people think the only reason to see a therapist is that they are mentally unbalanced. The truth is you don’t have to be having a mental health crisis to benefit from seeing a therapist. Therapy (also called psychotherapy) helps you develop coping skills, improve thought patterns, and even help with various health conditions. The sad truth is that many of us grew up with the idea that feelings are private and we should not talk about them. Talking about feelings gives the impression that you’re weak.

5 Minute Self Care: 10 Easy Self Care Tips For Women

As a busy mom and grandma, I find it hard to make time for myself. While you may not have an hour each day, you probably do have five minutes to practice some 5 minute self care. When you are so active that you forget to take care of yourself, it becomes even more essential to slip in snippets of five minutes of self care. Here are ten easy self care tips for women that you can start using today!