Head to Cedar Point Halloweekends for the Best Haunted Fun in Ohio

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Head to Cedar Point Halloweekends for the Best Haunted Fun in Ohio

Have you heard of Cedar Point HalloWeekends? I sure hadn’t before my first visit. Of course, I’ve heard of Cedar Point. The first time I visited was when I was young and adventurous. But I haven’t been for almost 30 years and boy, let me tell you, I was in for some fun surprises when I had my first visit back to the park last year.

a roller coaster on a blue sky background at Cedar Point Halloweekends

I attended a Conference for Bloggers that took place at the park.  At Bloggy Conference, attendees can learn during the day, then play during the evening. Bloggy Con partners with Cedar Point each year, and amusement park tickets are included in the conference fee. If you’re a blogger or influencer like me, check it out! I’d love to meet you there.

If you’re not a blogger, head for Sandusky, Ohio, where you can explore the Shores and Islands area and have a frighteningly good time at Cedar Point on one of their Halloweekends.

What are HalloWeekends?

So what are Halloweekends all about? Exactly what they sound like! They are fun-filled, themed weekend hours through the Halloween season at Cedar Point. The park is temporarily re-designed at this time of year for some good, clean, and spooky fun! I had no idea what I was walking into last year on my first weekend in the park after a 30-year absence. But I was in for a fun surprise.

For a girl who likes happy, bright things and lots of joy (and typically steers away from the dark theme of Halloween), a park that can give me joy, along with all of the fun that comes with Halloween thrills and chills, is a winner!

I was dazzled through the park as I took in the fantastic decorations EVERYWHERE! Believe me when I tell you that Cedar Point’s attention to detail is spot-on. They even change the names of some of the rides to get in on the spooktacular fun!

author poses in front of a giant skeleton at Cedar Point Halloweekends
Author poses with a giant jack-o-lantern at Cedar Point Halloweekends

The young children in the park by day were having a great time looking at all of the fantastic pumpkins, ghosts, and skeletons peppered at various locations all around the park. We took in a darling kids’ costume contest and parade with amazing singers/actors dressed in fantastically fun costumes. Tickled parents watched their kids show off their costumes. And all the kids got a turn to sashay across the mini stage for the crowd!

When Are Halloweekends at Cedar Point?

The transformation to Halloween Playground happens around September 15th each year, and Cedar Point Halloweekends are open on Thursday nights, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from mid-September through the end of October.

Staff converts the traditional Peanuts-themed Coaster park into a fall wonderland with all kinds of live shows and daytime family-friendly activities. Enjoy the Magical House on Boo Hill, Trick-or-Treating, Kooky Crafts, Pumpkin Patch Picking,  Pumpkin Decorating, Diggin’ Up Bones, Mini Tractor Rides, and many other kid-friendly experiences. The rides are also in full swing, and if you attend the park during the day on Friday, you can get onto just about any ride with very little wait time!

As the sun sets and the lights begin popping on around the park, you’ll start to see random parades of spooky creatures making their way in groups to the back of the park. These mini parades suddenly appear and march en mass through the crowds of people—what a clever way to get the workers to their stations for the evening’s events.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

At just the right level of dusk, the main stage lights up to welcome in the midnight hour with the spooky Mr. Midnight as master of scarymoanies featuring Cedar Point’s resident creeper, Mr. Midnight, and their unique band Midnight Syndicate. This event ushers in the evening portion of events, including several indoor haunted mazes, haunted houses, and hay bale mazes. And some outdoor fright zones as well.

Mr. Midnight creepily looks over the author's shoulder
Giant screen on main stage showing "opening scarymoanies"

How Scary are Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends?

If you love to be scared and spooked, head to the park during the evening hours. The back portion of the park opens to all kinds of spooktacular fun, with a great variety of creepy creatures in scary costumes ready to leap out at you, in front of you, or even sneak up behind you. The paths are dark, the fog machines are in full force, and the creepy autumn air is perfect for brave guests who like to be scared.

If you’re not into being scared but love to watch others have a fright, then you can purchase a “no-boo necklace” at any of the gift shops in the park. This light-up beauty is a shining beacon that will let everyone know that you’re not up for a surprise. I saw people of all ages around the park in their “no boo necklaces,” so if you don’t like to be frightened, you’re in good company!

The No Boo necklace is a relief for me because I am one of the minority in my family and I do not like being startled. You’ll also find plenty of non-scary attractions around the park, including Scare-A-Oke, The Witch Sisters’ Insult-Emporium, and the Bean Challenge, to name a few. In short, Cedar Point has you covered either way – you can be as spooked or not-spooked as you like!

multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

Where are the Scary Things?

The Scary things are relegated to marked Scare Zones. If you’re paying attention, you won’t wander into a scary area by accident.

There are many attractions designed to scare you if you love that. Choose from one of Cedar Point’s five unique Haunted Attractions, including Hexed, Bloodbath, the Fearground Freak Show, the Haunting of Eerie Estate, and Slaughter House. You’ll also find six outdoor scare zones that will give you chills. Even the names are scary:  Harvest Fear, CornStalkers 2.0, Revenge of the Pumpkin Heads, and Tombstorie TERROR-tory, to name a few!

Author poses with two creepy goblins, one dressed all in pink
Author poses in a cage with jail bars around her

If you want to enjoy all the scary stuff, consider purchasing a Fright-Lane Pass with your standard ticket. This special pass allows you to move to the front of the line at any haunted attraction. You’ll want this pass if you don’t want to wait. The crowd gets thick once darkness falls, and you’ll likely find yourself waiting in a long line to enter the haunted places!

A sign advertises the Fright Lane Fast Pass at Cedar Point Halloweekends

What Can I Do If I Don’t Like Roller Coasters?

You’ve come to the right place! I am a certified non-rider. If you want a breakdown of the best rides, check out this great description of the rides from my friend Sarah over at Ten Minute Momentum. For me – I am happy to wander the park watching the families, the lovers, and the adventurers. The food is unrivaled at Cedar Point, so yes, I enjoy eating while I’m there. I’m also happy to watch my friends and family brave the rides while I wait. 

If you prefer entertainment of the more organized kind, then no worries. Cedar Point has you covered with multiple shows and performances at various times throughout the days and evenings. Be sure to catch the Festival of Fear at the Main Stage, The Tell-Tale Heart at the Glass Blowing Theatre, or the Murder Mystery Musical in the Palace Theatre. You’ll find many options for entertainment while you’re in the park!

Author poses near a giant display of carved pumpkins in crates
Author's daughter in stockades

Will There Be Food?

Oh yes! There is food, and food aplenty! The Executive Chef and his team work hard to create unique themed food dishes, keeping with the Halloween spirit. When you visit, try out some of the most delicious fall flavors, such as Spicy Dry-Rub Fresh-Cut Fries, A Syringe Burger with Eight Second Sauce, or Shards of Glass Cupcakes. After you’ve eaten your fill, wash it all down with one of several varieties of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages in Blood Bags!

A syringe Burger (burger with a syringe full of sauce stabbed in the top) at Cedar Point Halloweekends
A pile of fries with beef tips overtop and hot peppers
Shards of Glass cupcake with white frosting, sugar glass, and bloody frosting

How Can I Find More Information?

As I wandered the park, a few questions popped up for me, so I did a little research and would like to pass it along to you here with a few fun facts:

  • Guests over 13 years are not permitted to wear costumes in the park. 
  • For Ticket Prices and a guide for all of the Halloweekend events, check Cedar Point’s Website HERE
  • Cedar Point is accessible, with ramps throughout the park and alternate entrances for many rides. You can take a look at their accessibility guide HERE.
  • Electric Wheelchair Rentals are available for $65 per day. Click HERE for all the details.

Wrapping It All Up

In 2022, Cedar Point celebrates 25 years of HalloWeekends! A weekend in the park has all the fun and horror you could ask for during the spookiest month of the year! I have attended the park during this event for two years and have left the park in a Halloween mood each time.

Halloweekends are spooky season at its best and a brilliant way to stretch the season just a little longer before the cold winter months set in.

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