The 15 Best Gift Ideas for Older Women That They Will Love

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The 15 Best Gift Ideas for Older Women That They Will Love

Everyone has someone in their life who seems to “have it all.”  Sadly, I am one of those people.  I am a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a grandma.  I also know that sometimes my husband, kids, and even parents still have reason to want to present me with a gift that shows their love.  And what’s more!? I love to give gifts to my friends and loved ones. But gift-giving is hard! Consider this study from the New York Post that says, “If [a person over 55] is unable to find the right gift, 28 percent would rather not give a gift at all.” Sad, isn’t it? Don’t worry! I’m here to help!

My loved ones know that I’m not a fan of the generic gift card.  I prefer a gift that shows thought and planning, which can be tricky.  But I will give you the perfect way to treat this almost senior woman with care.  Any of these items make a great gift idea!

Since I like to make it easy for my family members, this list of unique gift ideas was born!  I hope it helps you with your next gifting occasion.  I don’t represent all women, so I got some help from a couple of other women who gave me ideas of what they call the perfect gift.

Let me introduce you to some friends who are also mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.  Together we have compiled this list of the best gifts for the older woman in your life.  This gift list is perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and special occasions.  The items on this list also make excellent Christmas gifts and gifts just because!  That’s right!  You don’t even have to have specific reasons for gifts.

Who is the Hip Grandma?

Let’s start with a few great gift ideas that I love.  But before we get to the gifts, here’s some information about me. 

I am a published author, blogger, and photographer.  I am also known as the Hip Grandma with a Camera!  I love traveling, tinkering on the computer, and taking and editing photos in my free time.  I’m also enjoying my middle years, and I am passionate about my family and adore my two little grandkids.  You can learn more about me HERE and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  And yep – I’m the most challenging type of person to buy for because I already have what I need.  But the great thing is, I still love gifts!  Don’t we all?

Soley Jane Shoes

a shoe with a black base, a 2 inch heel and a pink netted top that wraps around the foot.

These shoes from Soley Jane are my new favorite!  They come with one sole and changeable tops.  They offer a level of customization that is not possible with traditional shoes.  The changeable tops give you an easy way to change the look of your shoes to match your outfit or mood.  They’re lovely for travel because you need only one thicker sole, and with a quick change, it can coordinate with multiple outfits.  If your mother loves expressing her style with shoes, these are an excellent and practical gift idea!

Personalized Apron

a woman in a white t-shirt with an apron overtop.  A photo of a man and woman on a bike are on the apron front.  features of the apron are listed on the right, including an adjustable neck strap, long tie strings and two large pockets.

If you are gifting a woman who loves to cook, this is a top-notch choice!  Every time she dons this personalized apron, she’ll get a visual reminder of everything she loves!  Include photos of the places she’s been, the people she loves, or the foods she’s cooked!  Hip Grandma Tip:  If you need photo ideas, search her social media posts for posts and pics that she loves!

Or consider digging through some old photo albums and finding photos from the good old days!  A personalized apron is a beautiful gift.  Since this comes in a variety of colors, you can personalize it just for her.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Wander Club Keychain and Tokens

a leather strap that looks like a keyring holding small discs with locations printed on them.

Does your favorite older woman love to travel?  She will love this perfect small yet meaningful gift!  The Wander Club Keychain comes in multiple styles and easily slips into a pocket or purse.  After purchasing the fob, or the holder, choose tokens representing the places she’s been!  You can even have the tokens imprinted with the dates of travel.  The quality is excellent; this is the perfect reminder of where she’s been and what she loves!

Wallet Phone Case

a phone in a brightly colored phone case. The phone case has a purple background and a rainbow of groovy colors across the surface.

Every woman has those days when she must get out the door quickly without fussing with a purse.  Enter the Slayer Wallet Phone Case.  This case comes in a whole bunch of unique designs.  You can even customize it for her!  It fits your phone snugly, protects from drops, and (bonus!) holds up to 4 cards to carry on the go.  I keep mine stocked with my Debit Card, Driver’s License, Insurance Card, and even a couple of folded twenty-dollar bills for emergencies.  The wallet holds everything snugly and has a thumbhole to push the cards out when needed.  With this minimalistic case, I can slide that phone into my pocket and hit the road!

Check out Smartish’s entire catalog of goods for the woman on the go! And may I suggest this super-blingy Pop Socket to go with your new phone case gift? She’ll love it, especially if she likes to stand out!

Amazing Mom Candle

a white glass jar with a candle inside - the jar is printed with the words :you are all kinds of wonderful MOM" with some hearts surrounding the words.

Many women love decorating.  Many love candles.  Bring those two together and give the gift of home décor with a message with this gorgeous candle from Pier One.

Who is the Traveling Cheesehead?

Meet my friend, Dannelle.  She is an incredible mom, and, yep, she is an “older woman” (code words for “amazing woman who knows a little bit about life) rocking her 50s, just like me!  Known as the Traveling Cheesehead, Dannelle LOVES hitting the road and finding ways to share the FUN in a destination.  These are her favorite things for the mom on the go – and let’s face it: Moms are ALWAYS on the go when littles are involved!

Traveling Cheesehead Coffee

a green image with yellow accents showing Traveling Cheesehead coffee and explaining the brand.

It seems like I am always on the go, and great coffee keeps me fueled.  This ethically sourced, produced, and packaged in Wisconsin coffee gives just the right kick to brace for the busy day ahead. Traveling Cheesehead Coffee is a popular coffee roaster based in Wisconsin that offers a variety of high quality and flavorful coffee blends, perfect for coffee-loving moms who enjoy exploring new tastes and flavors while on the go. 

Camping Wine Glass

a metal wine glass lays atop a silky pink fabric drape

Is mom a camper?  A special wine glass for the camping mom, such as a durable and shatterproof 12-ounce stainless steel wine glass with a double wall to keep that beverage of choice at the perfect temperature.  This can add a touch of elegance and convenience to her outdoor adventures while allowing her to enjoy her favorite beverage in style.

Packing Cubes

a set of teal packing cubes on a white background

Packing cubes are a game-changer for moms who travel, providing a convenient and organized way to pack and store their clothes and accessories in a suitcase or backpack.  With different colors and sizes, they make packing and unpacking a breeze, saving time and reducing stress. This set is my personal favorite… I have them in green!

100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die Book

a red book cover with the title "100 Things to do in Wisconsin Before You Die" titled by Dannelle Gay

That takes me to a great travel guide.  This passport to fun for the Badger State is also part of an incredible mission to donate up to a million dollars to Wisconsin nonprofit organizations this year: Food pantries, Veteran’s groups, Public libraries, and nonprofit Tourism.  Get Mom a copy of 100 Things to Do in Wisconsin Before You Die here.

Seatbelt Seat

a pair of stretchy dog leashes and a collapsible bright green dog water bowl on a white background

Does mom travel with her favorite pooch?  Make sure Fido has its own seatbelt!  This eases the worry of what MIGHT happen to those precious paws in the event of a fender-bender.  Let’s face it, we love our fur kids too!  This is my favorite, and it comes with a bonus collapsible water bowl! Seatbelt Set

multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

Who is Pamela of Pamela’s Brownies?

Meet my friend Pamela! Pamela is a Nurse Educator who decided to open a brownie business during the pandemic.  She is a Mimi to 9 amazing grandchildren who all love her brownies!  Pamela won a local Taste of Home recipe contest for her brownies years ago, so they really are prize-winning.  When she’s not baking brownies, you can find her in the garden or visiting her six adult children and grandchildren.

These brownie options are the perfect special gift for any member of your family tree…  or a friend!  Who doesn’t love a good brownie?  Chocolate is a great way to say you care!  And the best part of these brownie boxes is that delivery service is part of the package, making this the ideal gift for your loved one who may not live right next door.

Mother’s Day Brownies

An edible gift is a great option to show your love to the special woman in your life.  Add a gift box of these high-quality brownies to your list, so you’re ready with an excellent present when you need it!

Chocolate Lover’s Brownies

These chocolate lover’s brownies are the perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life! And everyone loves chocolate, don’t they?

The Brownie Club Subscription Box

This Brownie Club Subscription Box is the gift that keeps on giving! And that’s the perfect gift for the amazing woman in your life. And bonus – everytime she receives one of these incredible boxes, she’ll think of you.

Espresso Brownies

Espresso brownies are a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life! Pair them up with the coffee mug below and you’ve got the perfect gift!

Pour More Coffee Coffee Mug (from Hey Mama Mantras)

A coffee mug makes a great small gift!  I don’t know about you, but I can never have enough coffee mugs!  With its sleek design and lovely large handle, this mug is at the top of my list…  Are you listening, family?

Wrapping it all Up

Let’s face it; everyone needs a thoughtful gift for the older adults in their lives now and then.  I hope this gift guide helps you find a good gift that’s perfect for the next special occasion, whether it is your mother’s birthday, a special occasion for your best friend, or something for your elderly family member.  For a whole slew of different gift ideas for the over 50 woman, check out 50 Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Women Over 50 Who Have Everything.

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