The 50 Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners That They Will Love

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The 50 Best Gift Ideas for RV Owners That They Will Love

Someday my husband and I will travel the country in our RV.  It may be for a season, or it may be for a lifetime.  Who knows!?  But I know that embarking on the RV lifestyle brings a whole new shopping list!  So, no worries if you have someone on your shopping list living that nomad life and you don’t know what to get for them!  I’ve got your back.

I’ve done the research and asked my friends who live this lifestyle for their input, and here are the top 50 Best and Most Practical Gift Ideas for RV Owners!  The best part?  This list is perfect for Christmas Gifts or any other occasion, and these items work for RV campers that travel as weekend warriors and full-time RVers.

Before we jump right into the list, remember how much storage space is available before you purchase your gift.  Storage space comes at a premium with any RV, but some have more than others.  Class A vehicles have the most storage, class B less, and class C storage depends on the model for the available space.  It doesn’t hurt to do your homework specific to the model before buying!

Practical Gifts for New RV Owners

Every new RV camper owner needs a few essential items.  If you’re buying for someone new at this, trust my experienced friends, who wouldn’t steer you wrong on these necessary, practical, and best RV gifts.

  1. Rubber gloves for dumping are a great gift idea.  These are a must, and it’s ridiculously easy to overlook this necessary part of RV life…  Until the first dump happens!  Consider a box of disposable gloves if washing and reusing aren’t appealing.
  • These handy reminder bands go on your steering wheel and remind you of all the crucial tasks to take care of before hitting the road.
A steering wheel with brightly colored and labeled strips
  • A gate valve – This strange item is perfect for extending the line from the RV to attach the sewer hose.  In addition, the transparent section allows you to see the fluids flowing from the RV.  The handy valve stops any leakage from the tanks coming out while connecting and disconnecting the sewer cap and hose.  It may not be a glamorous gift, but it is undoubtedly practical.
  • Another practical gift for a new RV owner is this holding tank wand, which is perfect for flushing the water tank and removing sediment and stubborn waste.  Again – not glamorous, but very, very practical.
  • Since we’re on the subject of water, let’s talk about clean water!  Any new RV’er will soon discover that water tastes different at every stop.  This handy inline water filter is the perfect way to ensure you drink clean, fresh water.  The even better bonus is that you won’t be wasting precious storage space by toting gallons of store-bought water, not to mention reducing your environmental footprint. 
  • Think about gift cards as a solution for family members, friends, or RV camper owners who already have everything or are very particular about what they like.  A gift card for a chain restaurant is a great idea for a meal on the road, or think about a gift card for a major chain store to pick up needed supplies while on a trip.  One of the best things about a gift card is you don’t have to know what they’ll need for the receiver to enjoy it.  And during the holiday season, you can pick up most major gift cards in any big box store.
Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Tech Gadget Gift Ideas for the RV Owner

Technology suddenly becomes more important than ever when traveling in an RV.  First, technology can be a space-saver when you shift how you manage some things.  Also, maneuvering through strange roads and landing at different destinations and climates can make planning a unique new challenge.  With these handy tech gadgets, your RV’er will be ready to hit the road efficiently and comfortably!

  • It won’t take long for the RV traveler to miss those they left back at home.  This digital photo frame is perfect for connecting with family and friends while traveling.  The frame connects by app or email for the user on the other end to quickly send photos from home or other new and exciting locations!  Don’t let your RV traveler leave home without staying connected!
a bedside stand with a digital photo frame on it and the features listed above
  • Keep an eye on your propane level with a Mopeka propane level sensor.  These handy little gadgets connect to your phone via Bluetooth to help you monitor your propane levels.  Never run low again.  Bonus!  They also work for your grill propane levels and other accessories that use propane tanks.
  1. Books take up a lot of space!  But with today’s e-book technology, a Kindle is a fantastic gift for any traveler who loves to read.  And even better – you can add a bonus Kindle Unlimited subscription so they can read for free all year long!  I love that with my Kindle, I can read in bed right next to my husband without keeping him awake with my light.
  • Losing track of the days is common when you’re traveling or retired!  Look at this fun and functional day-of-the-week clock for a fun gift to keep your RV’er smiling.  
  • Now that they can keep track of the day of the week let’s talk about being prepared for the weather!  A solid indoor/outdoor weather station is a must for knowing your travel temp, both inside and out.
  • Probably one of the most essential tech gadgets agreed on with all of my RV’ing friends is a GPS explicitly made for RVs.  A driver can find trouble using a GPS that doesn’t know their size and weight!  The RV GPS may take a long route sometimes, but it will keep them from heading for bridges or tunnels not meant for large vehicles.  Remember when purchasing that lifetime updates extend the life of your gift because roads, bridges, and routes will change from season to season and year to year.
  • Nothing is more frustrating than arriving at a destination only to find that your service doesn’t pick up.  Eliminate this problem with a cell signal booster.  This weBoost cell phone signal booster is meant for RV users and works with all of the major cell phone carriers.  This gadget is perfect for those who work on the road or need to stay in touch reliably!

Kitchen Gifts for the RV Owner Who Loves to Cook

Some travelers love cooking, especially in a new region with new foods and recipes to explore!  Here are some tools to make cooking in the tiny RV kitchen a joy!  A kitchen with small space doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying cooking.

  • Space is at a premium in an RV, and the last thing you want to take up space is single-use kitchen gadgets.  This collapsible over-the-sink dish drainer collapses to almost flat, so it takes up minimal space.  And rather than using a bulky draining tray, you can pop it right onto the sink, so water drips right into the drain.  Perfect!
  • You can cook just about anything in an electric skillet.  And bonus – It can easily be transported outside and plugged in with no fuss for the outdoor cook.  Roast, fry, steam, and simmer, all with one handy tool.
  • A small portable grill folds up for easy storage and allows you to cook outdoors all year round.  And who doesn’t love a steak or grilled veggie kabob? 
  • Many RVing friends have mentioned that a pizza stone is the perfect kitchen addition to help the RV oven cook evenly.
  1. The Starfrit grill pan is also a traveler’s favorite.  It works great on the gas stove, is lightweight, and the handle folds for storage.
  1. Do you have wine drinkers on your gift list?  Here’s a fun MUST-HAVE!  BPA Free, shatterproof, and space-saving wine glasses!    I know, I know.  You can get stemless wine glasses, but where’s the fun in that?  Stainless Steel wine glasses are also fun, but avoid silicone wine glasses, which tend to squeeze too easily and are prone to making a mess!
  1. These collapsible storage bowls make the perfect addition to the RV kitchen.  They won’t monopolize a whole cupboard in the limited space of your tiny kitchen.  They seal tightly and are see-through enough to see what’s inside.
  1. If you’re like me, you love ice!  This portable ice maker is perfect for inside or outside and makes cubes in just minutes, so you’re ready for that cool drink at any time!
a woman reclines next to a portable ice machine that sits on a small table
  1. The most popular item in my research is this Ninja Digital Air Fry countertop oven.  Many RVers report that this replaces their RV oven completely.  And bonus!  Its small size makes it easy to stow away while traveling or bring into their home kitchen when staying grounded for a few weeks.

Awesome Gifts for RV Travelers Who Love the Outdoors

When I travel, I love the mix of the great outdoors and the safe and cozy indoors.  I’m a bit of an indoor girl, which is what makes RV travel so appealing to me over a tent.  However, when the weather is good, and the bugs are at a minimum, there is NOTHING quite like the great outdoors!  God’s majesty is something to behold; I’m first in line to look at it and photograph it.  For that reason, it’s critical to have just the right tools handy to make the outdoors as comfortable as possible.

  1. Every RVer needs a rug near the door to keep the outdoors out.  A personalized rug is even more fun! 
  • This LuminAID 2-in-1 Camping Lantern and phone charging unit is perfect for those evening treks around the outdoors.  The solar panels charge reliably, and with adjustable settings, this lamp provides just the right amount of light.  It inflates like a beach ball, then deflates quickly for storage.  Charge it on the dashboard during the day (or by USB) and use it at night!  One full charge provides up to 24 hours of light when set to low.
multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"
  • Let’s face it; sometimes, you need both hands to get a job done.  A simple headlamp like this one is just the suitable little gadget to have on hand for digging in the storage units or before getting your electricity hooked up.  I love that these are rechargeable, so there is no pesky searching for batteries!
  • This motion detector light is perfect for any setup.  The flexible tripod base makes installation easy on any surface or wrapped around a pole or awning arm.  The light pops on with motion and alerts you if someone is in your space. 
a flaming propane firepit on a white background
  • At the end of a long day of travel, nothing is better than a relaxing quiet time in a comfy rocking chair. Even better knowing that your chair folds up and stores away for easy travel!  If rocking isn’t your thing, consider a zero gravity chair, which is a perfect option for a mid-afternoon nap!
  • A battery-powered leaf blower is a game changer for cleaning up outdoor rugs, steps, slides, roof, etc., before packing up to leave a site.  This tool is extra beneficial for people with limited mobility!
  • A portable, folding grill table is the perfect accessory for every outdoor adventure and works great for cooking, crafting, or anything you want to do outside!  A portable table is convenient when you don’t care to deal with the picnic table on site.
  1. An inflatable kayak with a pump and paddles makes the perfect, fun gift for the adventure-seeker.  And deflates and fits perfectly in the storage area under the RV.

Safety and Convenience Gifts for RV Owners

Safety first, right?  Of course, being safe is of the utmost importance and presents unique challenges when traveling to new and unfamiliar locations.  Here are some sure winners regarding staying safe and keeping safety simple and convenient.

  1. An RVlock is the perfect gift of convenience for the modern RV traveler.  Not only is it great for eliminating the need to keep track of keys on day trips, but it also comes in handy for those “oops, I forgot something” moments.  No digging for keys when you can punch in a code, and voila!
  1. A portable alarm system that works for bikes, generators, or anything that sits outside overnight is another excellent safety gadget that will be well-received. 
  1. Here’s a fun freebie!  My older RV friends have suggested a voucher for free RV cleaning.  You may have to get your hands dirty on this one, but who doesn’t love watching someone else do the heavy lifting!?
  2. Zippered sheets are a game-changer for making the bed in a small RV.  Unzip the bottom sheet and zip the new one on when taking the sheet off to wash—no yanking and tugging fitted sheets around the edges.
a woman reclines on a bed with crisp white sheets
  1. A portable lighted mirror.   Perfect for applying makeup outside of the tiny RV bathroom area, especially when two people are getting ready at the same time.

Membership and Experience Gifts for RV Owners

Traveling can be expensive, even when you’re driving and not flying, especially when gas prices are high.  These items are a perfect way to treat the RV owner in your life to a piece of the traveling experience they may not choose to invest in on their own.

  1. There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned journal to record your traveling adventures.  This Road Trip Journal is perfect for RVers who want to remember all the big and little moments while traveling down the road.  Keep this logbook handy because visitors to the RV will have a great time looking through it to read about your adventures!
  1. An RV maintenance log that keeps all your essential information in one place is a great addition to your travel paperwork.
  1. For a fun, personal gift, visit the Wander Club online.  Gift your friends one of these cool leather fobs and let them add to it with all the states and National Parks they visit.
  1. Check out a Harvest Hosts membership.  This network of wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, and attractions is open for Rvers to park for the night.  A night with a Harvest Host is a definite step up from a night in the Walmart parking lot and is a great way to save money on staying in expensive RV parks every night along your journey.
a logo image for Harvest Host with a car/wine bottle and the words "Harvest Host"
  1. A US National Park Pass is the perfect way to see all US Parks throughout America.  An annual pass covers entrance, standard amenity fees, and day-use fees for the driver and passengers in a vehicle.
  1. Since we’re talking about US National Parks, consider this Scratch Off Poster to help them keep track of their adventures!

Fun Gifts for RV Enthusiasts to Make the Most of Their Leisure Time

The whole point of traveling is to enjoy life, right?  Enjoying life must include excellent self-care and some good, old-fashioned leisure time where you need to do nothing other than relax and enjoy your day.  These items are all perfect for doing just that!

  1. There will be downtime between all of those travels.  We love cribbage in my house because it involves counting to keep the brain sharp and involves only a deck of cards and a cribbage board.  My son has grown up playing cribbage, and we have many memories made over a Cribbage Board.  Consider a custom Cribbage board from the RVer’s home state and a deck of waterproof cards to go with it.
  • A personalized photo blanket is an excellent gift for that someone who has everything.  This gift is perfect for keeping loved ones back at home in your daily life.
  • A small virtual calendar is the perfect small accessory to pack, so you never miss a birthday or anniversary.
  • Consider a StoryWorth membership for those who would like to journal their history or travels in their downtime.  Many people use this service to tell the stories of their past life, but you can easily use this service to document your current travels.  StoryWorth emails a weekly question to the recipient, then after they fill out the journal portion, emails it to the list of people who would like to receive the update.  At the end of one year, StoryWorth creates a book of entries.  My favorite part is that you can add photos to your stories right when you write them. 
a custom book cover with the word Storyworth printed above
  • A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an excellent gift for those who love to listen to podcasts or music but don’t love plugging their ears with headphones or earbuds. 
  • I must share this fantastic book, Midwest Road Trip Adventures written by a group of my very good friends who also happen to travel the Midwest exploring off-the-beaten-track destinations.  Newly updated in 2022, this book is a true winner and is guaranteed to teach you something new and make you smile! 

Perfect Gift Ideas for the Organized RV Owner

Being organized is not an option when you’re traveling in small spaces.  RV owners must use every spot to their best advantage and carry nothing more than what’s needed to make life comfortable and efficient.  Any of these ideas is perfect for the organizational geek.  And if they lack that skill naturally, these will help develop it!  I promise!

  1. Every good traveler needs a stash of rechargeable batteries and a charger. There can never be enough batteries ready when you’re on the road!
  • A transparent hanging shoe organizer is a simple item but has many uses.  Not just for shoes, you can use this for canned goods, toiletries, odds-n-ends, and utensils.  You name it, it works!  You’re only limited by your creativity!
a transparent mesh storage organizer with features shown
  • Mini Tension rods (spring-loaded small curtain rods) are wonderful to use inside your cupboards to hold canned goods against the back wall, so they aren’t bouncing around while driving.  They are also good to put up in the shower and drip-dry laundry or wet swimsuits.
  • Command Hooks and strips are a fantastic invention and have countless uses.  They apply easily and are easily removable without leaving a mark.  Consider picking up a couple of variety packs for the new RV owner.  They will certainly not go unused!

Wrapping it all up

I can’t wait until it’s my turn to stock up my RV and hit the road!  There are so many unique places to explore and people to meet.  I love the idea of being mobile, so I can spend the holidays at home with my family and then zoom off to the next place when we finish visiting.  When it’s my turn to go, I’ll take any of these items, please!

In the meantime, I will keep collecting ideas for the RV owners on my list for gift-giving during the holidays or any time of the year until it’s my turn to pull out!

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