The Best 31+ Fun Halloween Things to Do in Michigan for Adults and Families

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The Best 31+ Fun Halloween Things to Do in Michigan for Adults and Families

Get ready for a spooktacular time in the Great Lakes State with this list of Halloween things to do in Michigan!  The Mitten State knows how to celebrate the Halloween season in style, blending the beauty of fall foliage with a dash of eerie excitement.

From haunted hayrides that’ll make you scream with delight to pumpkin patches ripe for the picking, we have a cauldron full of Halloween treats waiting for you.  Explore mysterious corn mazes, where you might stumble upon a scarecrow with a mischievous grin.

Embrace your inner vampire as you sip on freshly pressed apple cider or cocktail, and don’t forget to carve pumpkins that could rival any ghoul’s grin whether you’re seeking family-friendly adventures, daring haunted houses that’ll give you goosebumps, or adult-only events, Michigan’s Halloween lineup will cast a spell on you!

*Be sure to visit the website before visiting to ensure they operate as planned!

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Halloween Things to Do in Michigan – Southwest Michigan

Zoo Goes Boo at John Ball Zoo

The John Ball Zoo knows how to celebrate Halloween.  Join their annual Zoo Goes Boo event, which is back and bigger than ever since Covid!  The zoo becomes an ultimate Halloween destination with décor, Halloween treats, and all the amazing animals you’ve already grown to love!

In addition to the Halloween décor, your family will enjoy magicians, jugglers, music, and even villains at a fun Halloween meet-n-greet!  Look out for those Kooky Sanderson sisters!

Check the Zoo Goes Boo page on John Ball’s Website for all the details, including times and dates!

Deep Roots Produce in Alto

Deep Roots Produce in Alto celebrates fall in style.  On top of their regularly scheduled corn maze, pumpkin patch, and petting zoo, come out for one special Haunted Weekend in October.  The farm is turning spooky for two nights only, and you don’t want to miss this!

The Haunted Forest at Cannonsburg Ski Area

Welcome to the chilling adventure of the Haunted Forest at Cannonsburg Ski Area In Belmont!  This fun event is one of the top haunted attractions in Michigan.  Imagine moonlit woods swarming with zombies, witches, ghosts, and nightmarish creatures.

Brace yourself for heart-pounding frights around every corner on the roughly ½ mile path illuminated with eerie lighting.  Dedicated actors and terrifying props make this haunted journey unforgettable.  The Forest is usually haunted on Fridays and Saturdays in October – check the website for dates and prices before you go!

Haunted Adventure at Cornwell’s Turkeyville

Cornwell’s Turkeyville in Marshall is a jack-of-all-trades!  They’re a family-owned restaurant with a fantastic dinner theater, a 14-acre campground, and a sweet shop.

But the real treat?  October, when the thrills come alive!  Hop on a spooky hayride or train, brave the eerie corn maze, or enter the haunted barn – if you’ve got the guts!

And don’t forget the goodies – homemade donuts, cider sips, pumpkins, and fall mums.  Best part?  Rock your costume – you won’t be the only one!  Turkeyville’s all about costume fun!

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Halloween Festivities in Covert

Your family will love a stay at this cool KOA Campground in Covert (near South Haven) for a weekend of Halloween fun!  Pick one of the participating weekends in the month of October before Halloween to camp and enjoy all the fun of Halloween with none of the mess at home!

The campground provides barrel rides, pumpkin painting, caramel apples, a dedicated time for trick-or-treating, haunted hay rides, a costume contest, and a campsite décor contest.  Be sure and pack all the fun Halloween décor to dazzle your neighbors!

Book your stay well in advance because this is a popular event!

The Nightmares at State Theater

The Kalamazoo State Theater is hosting a 2-movie night Halloween movies event with showings of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and A Nightmare on Elm Street.  If an evening at the theater is the kind of spooky evening you desire, grab your tickets and pack your appetite for the best movie snacks!

Halloween Bar Crawl Grand Rapids

Halloween becomes a whole different scene once the kids are grown and gone.  If you’re like me and no longer have littles to Trick-or-Treat with, you might like one of these fantastic Halloween Pub Crawls.  You will see several Michigan locations listed in this post, so if Grand Rapids isn’t for you, check out one of the other cities.

Click HERE for Pub Crawl info in Grand Rapids.

Adult Halloween Parade

As long as we’re talking about adult fun, let’s discuss the Douglas Halloween Parade!  This parade is full of good, old-fashioned adult fun!  Douglas is a very inclusive small town in Douglas, and the party vibe is real.  Look at the details and be ready to have a Happy Halloween with this fantastic annual parade running down Main Street in Douglas!

Kalamazoo Halloween Bar Crawl

Just as I promised – here’s another Pub Crawl.  This one takes place in Kalamazoo, home of the Western Michigan Broncos, my daughter’s alma mater.  Head on over to Kalamazoo and join in the fun, which begins at the Tin Can Bar.

Halloween Party at the Bob

Grand Rapids’ BOB (Big Old Building) is a game-changer, especially at Halloween.  It’s like a new world of spookiness that’ll thrill you.

Imagine a reality where eerie meets yummy.  And guess what?  Ice-cold drinks, live music, a photo booth on wheels, and live entertainment that’s anything but ordinary.  Plus, five crazy spaces that’ll creep you out – in a good way!

One of the most popular events here is the costume bash, your ticket to a Halloween wonderland!  It’s time to dive in and enjoy this unique Halloween adventure.

Holland State Park Halloween Camping Weekend

This Halloween event was a family favorite for us when we had five kids at home.  We’d pack up the camper, head for the Lake Macatawa Campground at Holland State Park in West Michigan, and prepare for a weekend of Halloween Fun!

Campers are encouraged to go all out with your on-site Halloween decorations and wander the campground, oohing, and ahhing over the other creative geniuses camping near you.  Halloween festivities typically include a haunted trail scavenger hunt, donuts & cider with the hosts, a site decoration contest, and an evening of trick or treating.

This event is for campers only.  Access into and out of the park is restricted during trick-or-treat times. 

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Halloween Things to Do in Michigan – Southeast Michigan

Terror on Tillson Street in Romeo

Terror on Tillson Street in Romeo, Michigan – it’s a Halloween tradition you must see to believe!  Picture a whole street transformed into a spine-tingling Halloween wonderland.  The residents team up to create an epic show of decorations, spooky scenes, and pumpkin art that turns the hood into a ghostly movie set.  Tillson Street is the perfect place for thrill seekers to enjoy Halloween special effects.

From haunted mansions to whimsical displays, Tillson Street goes all out.  Every house tries to out-scare and out-awe the others.  It’s a unique Halloween experience that draws folks looking to dive into the spirit of the season!

Glenlore Trails Haunted Forest

The Glenlore Trails Haunted Forest offers a bewitching adventure like no other.  This immersive experience will take you through a hauntingly transformed forest illuminated by mesmerizing lights and mysterious sounds.

Walking the dimly lit trails, you’ll encounter eerie and surreal installations that blur the line between reality and the supernatural.  It’s a captivating blend of artistry and fear, perfect for those seeking a spine-tingling escapade that pushes the boundaries of traditional haunted attractions.  Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply curious, the Glenlore Trails Haunted Forest promises an unforgettable night of enchantment and fright.

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Hallowcrawl in Royal Oak

Thirteen local bars, all within walking distance in the downtown Royal Oak area, join together to offer a Halloween bar crawl like no other.  There’s one rule.  Wear your favorite costume!  That’s it.  Of course, if you don’t want to be one of the cool ones, go ahead and wear your regular clothes.

Either way – you’ll have a great time drinking your way through the evening with photo opportunities, free giveaways, haunted karaoke, and more.  All locations have special pricing for beer, cocktails, and shots.

Check the website for all the details!

Halloween Hysteria in Mill Race Historical Village in Northville

Step into Halloween Hysteria in Northville’s Mill Race Historical Village – a charming spot that wakes up just for one October afternoon!  It’s a mix of history and Halloween fun.

Stroll by eerie historical buildings, paint pumpkins and go on an exciting scavenger hunt in the stunning surroundings.  Little kids get treats, and big kids brave the haunted house – a win-win!

And guess what?  Halloween Hysteria is a free event, making it a budget-friendly treat.  Mark your calendar for this history-and-Halloween combo and check those reservations.  You won’t want to miss a day of festive history vibes!

Halloween at Greenfield Village

Halloween at Greenfield Village is an incredible annual event with a mix of festive fun and history in Dearborn, Michigan.  The Village transforms into a Halloween wonderland, perfect for all ages.

With 50+ costumed characters (look for the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus), the whole family can get in on the action.  Kids can rock their costumes while trick-or-treating through the Village’s historic streets: themed displays, lantern-lit paths, and a Halloween carousel ride up the enchantment.

Don’t skip the Hallowe’en Express Haunted Train ride or the Fairy Tale Feast Dining – check the site for prices.  It’s a festive history adventure you won’t want to miss!

Potter Park Zoo Boo at the Zoo

Animal lovers won’t want to miss the fun at the Boo at the Zoo at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing.  It’s a spooktacular time when you can see your favorite animal furry friends while enjoying awesome Halloween activities.

Dress up in your best costume and bring the whole family for trick-or-treating fun throughout the zoo.  There are pumpkin painting stations, a hay maze, and even a “not-so-haunted” hayride perfect for all ages.

It’s all about the Halloween vibes without the scare factor, so there is no need to worry about getting spooked.  Celebrate Halloween with your favorite critters – an event you won’t want to miss!

Holly Harvest Festival

Experience the beauty of autumn at the Holly Harvest Festival in the scenic Holly Recreation Area, where you can enjoy Halloween in nature’s beauty.  Reserve your campsite and prepare for fun and all the fun activities you could want!

The Holly Harvest Festival is the perfect opportunity to go crazy decorating your site and enjoy the pumpkin patch, hayrides, and cozy campfires.  Bring the family for a day of outdoor activities, crafts, and delicious fall treats, making it a perfect opportunity to create cherished memories in the heart of nature.

Halloween Stroll at Canterbury Village

Get your spooky shoes ready for the Halloween Stroll at Canterbury Village – yup, the Canterbury Halloween Stroll!  Throughout October, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening, get set to stroll through this charming Village turned Halloween wonderland.

You’ll encounter all sorts of characters, eerie exhibits, and pumpkin magic along a path lit by those classic orange glowing lamp posts and wickedly carved jack-o’-lanterns.  There are the pumpkin trees, the creepy-cool carousel house, a whole row of scarecrows, dancing skeletons, a tunnel of fun, and so much more!  Time to get your spook on!

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Detroit Halloween Bar Crawl H3

Hey, party people!  Get ready to crawl and howl at the moon with the Halloween Pub Crawl in Detroit.  It’s a night of wicked costumes, epic drinks, and unforgettable vibes.  Round up your crew and paint the town orange and black!

Monster’s Ball Detroit

Get ready for the ultimate shindig, the Monster’s Ball, Detroit’s absolute wildest Halloween bash!  Imagine 2,000+ souls converging at the Russell Industrial Center in their spookiest outfits – it will be off the charts.

Think vampire hideouts, freaky shows, fortune-telling lounges, treats that’ll trick you into dancing, and even a midnight pizza bonanza.  If you’re 21 or over, this is your golden ticket to a night of epic tricks and treats!

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Halloween Things to Do in Michigan – Northeast Michigan

Sleeper State Park

Campers, get ready!  Don’t miss the Harvest Festival at Sleeper State Park in Caseville.  And guess what?  It’s your chance to turn your campsite into a masterpiece of fall fabulousness!  Decorate like there’s no tomorrow – we’re talking pumpkins, scarecrows, and all the autumn awesomeness you can dream up.  So, when fellow campers stroll by your site, they’ll be in for a treat!

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And I, the Hip Grandma, contributed by writing the Michigan chapter!

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Caseville’s Pumpkinfest

Hey there, pumpkin enthusiasts!  Pump up the excitement for Pumpkinfest.  It’s going to be a blast!  Head over to Caseville County Park, where the good times roll.  Think scarecrow crafting, pumpkin pimpin’, epic races, and an all-around good ol’ time.  Who doesn’t love a dash of Halloween magic?  Get ready for a fest that’s going to rock your socks off!

Bay City State Park

Gear up for the ultimate nature-meets-Halloween adventure: Mother Nature’s Halloween Trail in Bay City State Park.  Picture this: a pumpkin-lit trail, a guided hike, and you’ll be bumping into some of Mother Nature’s top Halloween picks – bats, wolves, and spiders, oh my!  These critter actors will spill the beans about Michigan’s misunderstood wildlife and how they’re helping us out.

Best part?  It’s not just an educational journey; FREE refreshments, crafts, and whole-family fun are waiting for you.  Put on your spookiest outfit and meet up at the Saginaw Bay Visitor Center – let’s rock this wild Halloween trail!

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Saginaw Children’s Zoo

The Saginaw Children’s Zoo’s annual Zoo Boo is where spooky and learning collide!  This family-friendly bash blends Halloween thrills with animal education.

You’re in for shows, interactive fun, and candy galore!  Dr. Slime Chemistry’s tricks are mind-blowing, and the amphitheater gigs are all about entertaining learning.

The Bat Web Maze rocks for learning about these extraordinary creatures.  And guess what?  HOWL-ween matching’s a brain teaser, while Halloween animal enrichment shows the zoo’s care for its critters.  Don’t miss this epic blend of spooky and smart!

Halloween Bash at Splash

Thrill-seekers will love diving into the spooktacular Halloween Bash at Splash in Frankenmuth!  It’s the ultimate fusion of Halloween vibes and water park excitement.  Imagine epic water slides, wickedly fun wave pools, and the most incredible costume contest you’ve ever seen.

Whether you’re a water warrior or just looking to splash in style, this event is all about soaking up the Halloween spirit while making a splash.  Don’t miss out on the most ghoulishly excellent water adventure in town!

Scarecrow Fest in Frankenmuth

The River Place Shops in Frankenmuth host their annual Scarecrow Fest.  Dog lovers will especially enjoy Dog Weekend, the first weekend of the festival, which includes Rock N Roll K9 shows, pumpkin bowling, crafts, and more fun stuff.

And then there’s Kids Weekend – catapults, pumpkin painting, and the whole barrel train shindig.  It’s a pumpkin-packed party you won’t want to miss!

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Northwest Michigan

Glen Arbor Daytime Trick or Treating

Get ready for a daytime trick-or-treating adventure in the charming Glen Arbor!  It’s a spooktacular opportunity for kids to snag some treats from local businesses while exploring this picturesque town.  Grab your costumes and get set for a sweet and fun-filled Halloween stroll!

Historical Ghost Lantern Tours in Traverse City

Get ready to embark on the Historical Ghost Lantern Tours in Traverse City.  This spine-tingling haunted ghost tour is an approximately 90-minute walking adventure through downtown.  Comfy shoes are a must.

Along the tour, you will have a mini ghost hunt pitstop at Hannah Park – who’s brave enough?  Tours take place on specific days and times throughout October.  Ghost tours are the perfect opportunity to unravel some spooky stories, shall we?

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Halloween Things to Do in Michigan – The Upper Peninsula

Ghosts of Lighthouse Point in Marquette (Upper Peninsula)

Get ready for Ghosts of Lighthouse Point in Marquette, Michigan –a chilling dive into the past.  Walk in history’s footsteps, exploring haunted tales and mysteries around Lighthouse Point.

Guides lead you through the dark, sharing spine-tingling stories that’ll send shivers up your spine.  As you explore, history comes alive, and you’ll feel the past in every step.  If you’re into history and supernatural vibes, this tour is a must for a seriously eerie adventure.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park Harvest Festival

Here’s another fabulous Michigan Halloween event for our campers.  Pop over to Tahquamenon Falls State Park for the Harvest Festival, a weekend of non-stop fun.  We’re talking games, good times, and a full-on fest for all ages.

You’ll want to snag your spot early because these campgrounds get snatched up faster than you can say, “Harvest Festival rocks!” Check out the Tahquamenon Falls Facebook page for all the juicy details – we promise you won’t want to miss this camping fiesta!

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Fort Fright at Colonial Michilimackinac

Get ready for Fort Fright, a whole evening of spine-tingling fun at Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinac City.  Imagine lantern-lit paths guiding you through an 18th-century fort and Village, where werewolves, witches, goblins, and ghouls are takin’ over.

You’ll be huddled around bonfires for spooky stories and treat yourself to hot mulled cider, cookies, and candy.  Most spots are terrific for all ages, but you’re in luck if you want something more hard-core.  There’s a haunted house, a demon walk, and a werewolf walk that’ll give everyone the chills – young and old alike.  Let the thrills begin!

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Wrapping It All Up

If you learn nothing else from this great list of Halloween events, understand that Michigan does Halloween like no other state!  The temperatures may be chilly, but the Halloween experience is HOT!  From haunted trails to pumpkin festivals, there’s something for kids of all ages to enjoy.

Get your scare on at spooky haunted houses, join in the fun at local pumpkin patches, and embrace the spirit of the season at family-friendly Halloween events.

Don’t forget to check the websites of your favorite Halloween attractions to confirm event details, dates, times, and ticket prices before you head out for a spooktacular time!

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