Hip Grandma’s Favorite Things

If you want to live the Hip Grandma life, then you’ve come to the right place! Check out some of my favorite items right here! And know that when you make a purchase here, you’re supporting the Hip Grandma and all of my adventures! As always, thank you for the support! I couldn’t do this job without you!

a woman in a black dress with a cross-body chain that holds her phone.

Save the Girls was founded after this amazing entrepreneurial woman’s aunt battled cancer that popped up in the very spot where she had been tucking her phone into her bra. She’s doing great today, but now her niece is setting out to change the way we women carry our phones! I have two – a chain one and the black strap – love them both!!!

Click on the photo for 20% off.

Save the Girls donates 10% of all profits to breast cancer research.

a pink shaded clear water bottle with the word #lifestraw printed on the side

The Lifestraw water bottle is a portable water filter that removes 99.9999% of bacteria, parasites, and microplastics from water. I love to take it when I kayak so I can scoop water up right from the river or lake and know that it’s safe to drink.

Plus, icky water from weird drinking fountains is now safe to drink, too! I don’t leave home without it!

Two people holding phones to share information

I use the Popl App and Popl accessories to exchange contact information with new followers and business associates! As long as you have your phone with you, you have your business card!

a phone in a brightly colored phone case. The phone case has a purple background and a rainbow of groovy colors across the surface.

Check out this really cool phone case wallet! This is the exact case I use, and I love it. I can carry 3 cards and a couple of bills in it, and no need to lug a purse everywhere. And it’s groovy! You can also choose your own pattern.

Image of Wander Club leather token holders with tokens

Keep track of all your travels with this amazing key fob and personalized discs. You can order pre-engraved discs or make your own! Also makes an amazing gift!

a shoe with a black base, a 2 inch heel and a pink netted top that wraps around the foot.

If you love to travel, but don’t love packing shoes for every occasion, then you’ll love these Soley Janes. One sole, multiple tops! And the perfect height for comfort. I take them everywhere!