How to Clean and Protect Your Car Windshield from Bugs and Streaks with Nanomagic

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How to Clean and Protect Your Car Windshield from Bugs and Streaks with Nanomagic

Let’s talk about expensive wiper blades and dirty windows.  I’m so tired of buying windshield wipers.  The latest set cost me over $40, and that was for the bargain pair.  I’ve also had enough of driving around with hazy, unclear windows in my car.  So when a friend recently offered me an opportunity to try a product called Nanomagic, I jumped at it.  Nanomagic is a Windshield Protection kit that easily applies to your car’s windows and lasts for up to a year.

I hope this Nanomagic product will help with my winter windshield smears and irritations, my summer bug guts and splats, and bird droppings, which are also annoyances.

The Kit Arrives

When the big day arrived, and my Nanomagic kit showed up in my mailbox in its bright purple box, I couldn’t wait to get it open and see all the goods.  Of course, my husband, Dan, was intrigued, too.  Of course, he wanted to claim it and try it on his truck, but I am not willing to share it!  He’ll have to wait for the next order to arrive!

Here’s what was in the box:

  • 15mL Force Field® nano-coating
  • 6oz Windshield Glass Cleaner
  • Telescoping Squeegee
  • 1 Pair of Gloves
  • 2 Large Microfiber Cloths (in lovely purple)
Nanomagic box - purple with yellow accents and a picture of a windshield with water splashing
contents of the nanomagic windshield protection kit including gloves, microfiber towels, a squeegee, directions, and two bottles of product.

I love that the kit includes everything you need to coat your whole windshield, including two gorgeous purple Microfiber cloths, which are especially lovely for our garage.  I know these clothes won’t get lost in the pile of dirty garage rags that my husband collects like fine china!  And I don’t have to waste another tree by using that expensive paper towel roll.

Time to Apply Nanomagic

Okay, friends.  Here’s a bit of truth.  I am not a car girl.  I don’t like fussing with my car much.  You won’t find me lovingly cleaning my car with soft sponges and car shampoo on a sunny Saturday.  You won’t find me scrubbing the dashboard with a magic eraser, deep cleaning my seats, or using a fancy glass polish or special auto glass cleaners on all of my car’s windows.

What you will find is me practically living in my car.  I live in the country, so everything I do requires a minimum twenty-minute drive.  Sometimes a few times per day.  Not to mention the many hours I spend road tripping in my car. So, my car is kind of like a big, driving purse.  I keep everything I need in it, so it’s always ready for my and my passengers’ needs.  Oh – and by the way, clean windows are not typical for me, although I dream of having clean glass to see through.  I’d also like to ditch the hazy windshield since that makes driving even more tricky at night.  The older I get, the more I notice this.

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As far as cleaning goes, I drag her through the car wash a couple of times per season, and, as mentioned, I keep up with the necessary maintenance, including those wiper blades.  Beyond that, I am not interested in lavishing loving care on her.  Therefore, I was tickled to see that applying Nanomagic looked easy.  And since I’m trying this product out in the winter, the process must be quick and straightforward.  No one wants to stand in the freezing Michigan weather applying complicated products to their windshield, especially not me!

With the included instructions, I found a QR code that took me to a quick video showing how simple it is to apply the product.  A simple scan, a brief review of the video, and out to the car I went!

Step 1 – Clean the Windshield

You will need a clean windshield to apply Nanomagic.  I quickly spritzed some of the spray glass cleaner from the kit onto my car’s windshield and immediately noticed the lovely scent.  I usually use that blue bottle of window cleaning solution under the kitchen sink if I need to clean my car windows, but seriously – this stuff smelled so much better.  I’m tempted to try it on my bathroom mirrors, just for the smell.  There is plenty of solution in the bottle to give it a try, so I may do that.  My car will share, right?

Next up, wipe it off with one of the large microfiber cloths.  Easy-peasy and done.  Note – next time I might lift my wiper arms to get the protective coatings down to the bottom of the window, but I didn’t do that this time.

a hand in a blue glove holds a spray bottle over a car windshield
a hand in a blue glove wipes a windshield
a hand in a blue glove sprays product onto a windshield
a hand in a blue glove wipes a windshield
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Step 2 – Pour and Apply

Once the window is spiffy clean, don the gloves (if you haven’t already) and pour the solution from the tiny bottle evenly over the soft mesh-covered sponge side of the squeegee.  Then use that sponge to spread the solution over the windshield.

For my demonstration, I only covered the driver’s half of the window because I wanted a fair comparison of treated and non-treated windshields.  So I used only half the bottle for now.  Also, because I am only 5’5”, the best way to reach the center of my windshield would be to use a little ladder or a step stool or to have my 6’1” husband reach it for me.  But seriously, that’s all there is to it.  Just sponge it on there.

a hand in a blue glove pours clear liquid from a small glass vial onto a squeegee sponge
a squeegee sponge wipes clear product onto a windshield

Step 3 – Magic Wand

After a quick one-minute wait that allowed me to return a couple of texts, I was ready to use the rubber part of the squeegee to squeegee off the excess solution.  Quick and simple.  Then I applied another quick spritz of the yummy-smelling window cleaner.

a rubber squeegee slides across a windshield removing liquid

Step 4 – Buff, Baby, Buff!

Using the second, clean, dry microfiber cloth, I gave the window a quick buff, moving the cloth in a circular motion.  Bonus!  This buffing step is a great (albeit short) workout for your arms, in case you’re into that kind of thing.  Me, not so much, but to each their own, right?

a hand in a blue glove buffs a windshield to shiny beauty

Drumroll, please!

Seriously, friends.  That is it.  It took about 5-7 minutes to finish, from the initial window cleaning to the buffing.  Take note that it may take closer to 10 minutes if you’re coating your entire windshield.

But now the fun part has arrived.  I brought out my fancy pitcher full of warm water to give it a test run!  You can see what happens here:

Sure enough!  The water just beaded right off the window on the treated side.  On the non-treated side, the water was sheeting down the window in a very undignified way.  The coated side was almost magical in its beautiful, beaded water dance!

Wrapping It All Up

After applying and testing, I took my car for a spin.  I tried out the windshield wiper solution and the wipers.  This Nanomagic is a giant step up from a standard glass cleaning with those colorful ammonia-based cleaners.  The “wiper spit” (as we call it) beaded up and slid right off the window.  Even my old wiper blades worked like magic!  Voila!  No more water spots, even if I don’t use my wipers!

If this doesn’t extend the life of those expensive wipers, I will be shocked.  And the promise is that summer bug splats won’t “stick” around, either!  I’m excited to see how that part works come summer, but from this cold and blustery Michigan winter, I know I will add this product to my annual maintenance routine.

Ultimately, I give the Nanomagic Windshield Protection kit an A, provided it lasts as long as promised.  The kit was complete, and I applied everything quickly and easily.  I immediately notice this product gives me better visibility, which is always best for safe driving.  Next time I will use the product on the entire windshield instead of just half of the windshield on the outside.  I will also coat the inside of the windshield.

If you want to try Nanomagic for yourself, click HERE and use the code NANOVERONICA to receive 20% off your order.  But hurry – this code is only good through the end of the year!

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