Midwest State Park Adventures

I was scheduled to release my first title in the fall of 2023. Imagine my surprise when it happened so much sooner! I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with the Midwest Travel Writers’ Network by contributing the Michigan section for the second title in the Midwest Adventures Series.

Of course, when opportunity calls, I answer! So I’m proud to announce my first published title, Midwest State Park Adventures, which debuted on May 15, 2023, almost 4 months before my “first” published title!

Midwest State Park Adventures explores the beauty and diversity of the Midwest’s state parks. Written by a team of authors who all love their home states, the book features 170+ parks, each with its own unique set of attractions. From hiking and camping to fishing and boating, there’s something for everyone in Midwest State Park Adventures. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, this book is the perfect resource for planning your next outdoor adventure. The book includes the following:

  • Detailed descriptions of 170+ state parks
  • Insider tips and recommendations from lifelong Midwesterners
  • A carefully organized layout featuring five distinct regions in each state
  • Lists of every state park in each state, highlighting featured amenities like hiking, camping, and swimming
  • Up-to-date information, practical advice, and useful resources to help you plan your perfect adventure
A book sits on a wooden table with a woodsy background in green. The book is entitled MIDWEST State Park Adventures.

Contact me directly at veronica@hipgrandmalife.com for a signed copy of the book. Shipping is $4.90 per book. Or purchase through Amazon here: