Free 31-Day Printable Daily Gratitude Journal Template with Prompts

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Free 31-Day Printable Daily Gratitude Journal Template with Prompts

Have you heard the latest buzzword, Gratitude Journal?  It’s hard to miss today.  A “Gratitude Journal” is a new technique many women (and men) use to keep a positive outlook.  Keeping a daily gratitude journal can benefit one’s mental health and well-being.  In this post, we’ll talk about all things gratitude!  I have even created some free printables for you.  Buckle up.  Here we go!

Why Practice Daily Gratitude?

Practicing daily gratitude offers a whole bunch of benefits for your mental and physical health!  You know the Hip Grandma loves prayer and therapy, and self-care.  A gratitude journal is a great way to practice all of these things, and it’s the perfect way to get started journaling things that boost your mind and spirit.  Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider making gratitude a daily practice:

Daily Gratitude Improves Mental Health

Research has shown that practicing gratitude can improve mood, happiness, and overall mental health.  The National Alliance on Mental Health writes about the Impact of Gratitude on Mental Health and how focusing on the positive aspects of your life can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Daily Gratitude Increases Resilience

Gratitude can help you build resilience and cope better with adversity.  By focusing on the positive things in your life, you can cultivate a sense of hope and optimism to help you navigate difficult situations.  We all need more hope and optimism in our everyday life!

Daily Gratitude Enhances Physical Health

Practicing gratitude has been linked to various physical health benefits, including better sleep, lower blood pressure, and improved immune function.  A CPap can help, too, especially if you’re a menopausal woman like me.  But I digress.

Practicing Gratitude Boosts Relationships

Practicing gratitude can also strengthen your relationships with others.  Expressing appreciation and thanks towards others can help you feel connected to the people in your everyday life.  When you express gratitude, you might find others drawn to you.  You might also feel more clarity about the people you spend time with.

Practicing Gratitude Cultivates a Positive Mindset

By focusing on the good things in your life, you can cultivate a more positive mindset.  You may find that an attitude of gratitude will help you begin approaching challenges with a more optimistic and solution-focused mindset rather than the doom-and-gloom attitude of our friend, Eeyore.

Practicing daily gratitude can be a powerful way to improve your overall well-being, set a great example for those around you, and build resilience in life’s challenges.  And goodness knows we all have plenty of challenges in life!

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How to Make a Gratitude Journal

Creating your gratitude journal is a simple and personal process.  You can be as creative as you’d like!  Or, if you prefer a more straightforward style, go for it!  The critical thing to remember when you begin is to make your journal your own!  Here are some steps to help you get started:

Choose a Journal

You can use any notebook or journal that you like.  Consider choosing a journal that feels special or meaningful to you and that you will enjoy writing in regularly.  Some of my friends use a bullet journal, which is a fun and creative way to begin.  But don’t worry.  A plain old notebook can work just as well.  The important part here is choosing something that helps you want to write in it!

Decide on a Time to Write

Consistency can help you stay on track when you begin journaling.  Choose a time of day that works best for you to write in your gratitude journal.  Some people prefer to write in the morning to set a positive tone for the day, while others prefer to write in the evening to reflect on the day’s events.  Give yourself room to adjust.  If you try to write in your daily journal each morning and it isn’t feeling right, try a different time of day.  Remember that your daily gratitude practice is about what works for you!

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Set a Goal

Years ago, I learned that those who are most successful have learned to practice goal-setting.  When you set a goal, you begin making an intentional change instead of waiting for the world to change around you.  So go ahead, set that goal!  Decide how often you want to write in your gratitude journal.  You can start by setting a goal to write in it once a day, a couple of times a week, or even once weekly.  You can even make it part of your self-care Sunday routine


C.S. Lewis

Reflect on What Makes You Feel Grateful

Each time you write in your gratitude journal, reflect on what makes you feel grateful.  You can focus on small things, like a good cup of coffee, a kind gesture from a friend, or more important things like your health or family.  I like to remember how blessed we are to live in a country that allows many modern conveniences and freedoms.  When you begin breaking down all those blessings, you’re starting to foster more positive emotions!

Write it Down

Now you’re ready to write!  Writing is the easy part!  Write down what you are grateful for in your journal.  You can choose to be specific and descriptive and try to write in detail about why you are thankful for each thing.  Or you can jot down a quick word or two that helps jog your memory for the essential things in life.

Make it a Habit

Over time, make writing in your gratitude journal a regular habit.  Set aside time each day or on a particular day of the week to reflect on what you are grateful for, and write it down in your journal.  If you miss a day or a moment, don’t panic, and don’t be hard on yourself.  Developing a new habit can be tricky.  Sources of Insight states that “50 repetitions might be the key” to forming a new habit, so if you’re writing in your gratitude journal weekly, it could take up to a whole year of deliberate efforts to get into a daily gratitude habit.

Remember, your gratitude journal is a personal tool for reflection and growth.  There is no right or wrong way to do it; most importantly, it works for you and helps you cultivate a sense of gratitude.

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Gratitude Journaling Supplies

If you’re an office supply nerd like me, this will probably be your favorite part of this article.  I mean – any excuse for a new artistic tool is a good excuse.  Remember – we’re talking about having a heart of gratitude, and I am grateful for cool office supplies.  It’s the little things, right?

But if you’re not a supply nerd, don’t worry!  Starting a gratitude journal doesn’t require a lot of supplies, but having a few essential items can help make the process more enjoyable and effective.  Here are some supplies you might consider using for your gratitude journal.  You get extra points if you already have them in your stash! 

  • Your journal or notebook.  Consider using a decorative 3-ring notebook and the printable pdf or printable pages that strike your interest. 
  • Pens and pencils.  I love these pens for my journals.  They are colorful, easy to write with, and don’t roll off the table!
  • Highlighters or drawing markers.   You may want to use highlighters or colored pens to emphasize certain words or phrases in your gratitude journal.
  • Stickers or decorative Washi tape:  If you want to add creativity and flair to your gratitude journal, consider using stickers or decorative tape to embellish the pages.

    Stickers are a great way to get the grandkids involved, too!  What kid doesn’t love stickers?  And getting young children involved is a good way to get them started with gratitude activities that will last a lifetime.  Practicing gratitude has positive effects on everyone.  Teaching self-awareness and positive thinking to our favorite people is one great thing about being a grandparent, right?
  • Photos or mementos: You can include photos or small mementos (like a ticket stub or a flower) to accompany your gratitude entries.  A little box of double-sided mounting squares works perfectly if you want to stick your mementos in your journal!
  • A comfortable writing space: Set up a comfortable writing space where you can sit and reflect without distractions.  Your area might include a cozy chair, a table, and good lighting.  And don’t forget your favorite beverage.  I choose Diet Coke, but a glass of wine makes a great stand-in sometimes!
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Remember, the most important thing is to make your time journaling a personal and meaningful reflection of your experiences and feelings.  So, choose supplies that work best for you and inspire you to keep writing.

Free Gratitude Journal Prompt List

Once you’re ready to begin your gratitude journal, you might find it challenging to think of things that make you grateful.  It’s okay!  Staring at a blank, white page is hard!  So I made it easy for you to start by creating a list of printable gratitude journal prompts for your personal use.  This PDF file is an easy way to get you thinking about what makes you feel grateful.  Here is the full list preview, which you can download as a free printable in PDF format HERE.  Keep it tucked into your journal to help elicit great gratitude on tough days!

  • something that made your life easier today
  • A person who inspires you
  • something that made you laugh today
  • something you ate today
  • available transportation
  • a delicious smell
  • nature – flowers, blue sky, snow falling
  • something you created
  • an accomplishment
  • a favorite childhood memory
  • something readily available to you
  • something you love about yourself
  • a favorite bible verse
  • a life lesson
  • a friend who “gets you”
  • your favorite cozy outfit
  • something that made you smile today
  • a happy memory from this week
  • a physical ability you have
  • something you did to bring joy to someone
  • a modern convenience
  • A compliment you received
  • your favorite show that makes you smile
  • something good about your job
  • a family member you love
  • something you love about your home
  • an inspirational quote
  • a memory that makes you laugh
  • your favorite feel-good song
  • something you love about your town
  • a pet you love or have loved

For a free printable gratitude journal template, including some extras, gratitude journal templates, a bonus daily gratitude list, and a printable list of gratitude prompts, click HERE

Wrapping It All Up

As women, we know how important it is to care for our physical and mental health so we can help care for those around us.  Practicing mindfulness and gratitude as part of your daily routine can help you cultivate a more positive and grateful mindset, and of course, we all want those things, right!?  Happy journaling!  And I’d love it if you would share in the comments something that makes you grateful!  I am thankful for so many things!

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