The Top 5 Restaurants For Breakfast In Holland Mi

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The Top 5 Restaurants For Breakfast In Holland Mi

Going out for breakfast in Holland Mi should be at the top of your list if you’re planning a trip here or if you’re a local and want to try something new. We have some of the very best restaurants for classic American and Dutch food.  My husband and I love to eat out.  We’re kind of pros at it, it seems.  Next time you’re heading out for breakfast, check out one of these 5 places!

Breakfast in Holland Mi #1

Exterior view of the Wooden Shoe, a great place for breakfast in Holland

My family’s favorite breakfast joint for a traditional Dutch breakfast in Holland Michigan is the Wooden Shoe Restaurant.  Locals who come from a genuine Dutch heritage love the classic Dutch breakfast foods served at the Wooden Shoe.  You will find homemade balkenbrij on the menu, along with delicious homemade pigs in the blanket.  Yum!

You won’t find a bigger or better cinnamon roll than the one served at the Wooden Shoe.  It is plenty big enough to share and comes the size of a dinner plate.  My family sometimes shares one as a breakfast appetizer before the real food arrives.

Main Menu for Breakfast in Holland The Wooden Shoe
Be sure and check the Wooden Shoe website for the latest menu update

A Little History

Years ago, when I was a child, I have a specific memory of traveling from nearby Grand Rapids to visit the Wooden Shoe Factory at this exact location on US 31 in Holland.  Back then we weren’t coming for breakfast in Holland Mi, but to see the Dutch culture. The factory has now been turned into an antique mall, but don’t worry, we still have plenty of culture.

We enjoy wandering through the mall on the weekends while waiting for our table.  I have found a few fantastic vintage cameras to add to my home display, and it always feels good to support a local business.  There is no end to the treasures you can search for while wandering through the booths.  Even if you’re not into antiques, it’s fun to wander through and enjoy little tchotchkes and items from the past.  My kids have learned a whole lot about history by walking through the Wooden Shoe Antique Mall!

441 US 31
Holland, MI 49423

Breakfast in Holland MI #2

The Windmill Restaurant

Exterior view of the Windmill Restaurant, a great place for breakfast in Holland

The Windmill restaurant is conveniently located in downtown Holland and is steeped in the history of the area.  The restaurant was initially opened in the 1940s under “Hoffman’s Restaurant” and has stayed open under various owners since.  It became “The Windmill Restaurant” in 1964 and made its most recent change of ownership in the 1980s to the McMurry family.  Family members still play an essential part in the restaurant’s daily operations, and many locals enjoy visiting to say hello to a familiar face!

When you’re having breakfast in Holland Mi you must try one of the Windmill’s most beloved dishes, the hashbrown omelet, when you’re at the Windmill.  It’s available in full-size or mini for those who have a smaller appetite!  Prepare to wait a bit if you visit the Windmill on the weekend for breakfast.  You are likely to see people lined up outside the restaurant awaiting their turn to be seated.  But take heart if you’re not into waiting. Rumor has it that a good, old-fashioned American lunch is just as good at the Windmill, and you may have a faster shot at getting seated.

Main Menu for Breakfast in Holland Windmill
Menu for Breakfast in Holland Windmill

28 W 8th Street
Holland, MI 49423

Breakfast in Holland Mi #3

Kelly’s Bar & Grill

Exterior view of Kelly's Bar & Grill, a great place for breakfast in Holland
Exterior view of Kelly’s Bar & Grill, a great place for breakfast in Holland

If you’re looking for a family-friendly place to take the kids or the grandparents (or both) for a leisurely weekend breakfast brunch, look no further than Kelly’s Bar & Grill.  Located on the Northside of Holland on Butternut Drive, Kelly’s is not far from the beach at Holland State Park, so it’s an excellent choice for starting your morning with breakfast in Holland Mi before heading to the beach for the day. When you get to the beach, be sure and check out Big Red, our local lighthouse!  Kelly’s has a cafe seating area out front so you can enjoy outdoor seating during the warm summer months.

Be sure and try my favorite, the Shrimp and Grits, Cajun marinated shrimp sauteed with green bell peppers and served over a bed of cheesy bacon grits!  Yum.  And if you love strawberry or raspberry jam, Kelly’s is positively delicious, and you won’t find it anywhere else!

Main Menu for Breakfast in Holland Kelly's
Check Kelly’s Website for the most recent menu

977 Butternut Dr
Holland MI 49424

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Breakfast in Holland Mi #4

deBoer Bakkerij Restaurant

Located in Ottawa County, you can find the DeBoer Bakkerij Restaurant on the way out to the beach at Holland State Park.  DeBoer is a local favorite and boasts and full-service bakery connected to the restaurant.  Be sure to pick up a loaf of fresh-baked bread made with old family recipes.  Take home a box of donuts, a roll of banket (a flaky roll of pastry filled with sweet almond paste), or some krakelingen (a type of sugar cookie shaped like a pretzel).  If you’re looking for a fast food option, a quick stop-in at this bakery and coffee shop will undoubtedly fit the bill for breakfast.  Cheap eats have never been so delicious!

The restaurant serves up classic breakfast favorites, Dutch breakfast favorites, Pigs in a Blanket, or a unique dish, such as “Rembrandt’s Way,” an English Muffin topped with tomato, spinach, and poached eggs.  Your breakfast isn’t complete at DeBoer without a bottomless cup of coffee, roasted in-house.  Yum!

Before you venture out, take note that DeBoer is currently closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Check their website for updated hours and a recent menu.

360 Douglas Avenue
Holland, MI 49424

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Breakfast in Holland Mi #5

The Biscuit

Exterior view of the Biscuit, a great place for breakfast in Holland

My husband and I have recently discovered this little hidden gem in Washington Square. As its name would imply, The Biscuit specializes in all kinds of dishes, including biscuits, in unique and flavorful ways.  A nod to the local Hispanic culture, be sure and try the Spanish Bennies, a dish consisting of chorizo, green chilis, cheddar-jack cheese, and eggs atop a warm biscuit and served with chipotle Hollandaise and Queso Fresco.  No worries if you don’t fancy a biscuit.  The Biscuit serves plenty of classic breakfast choices as well.  These pancakes are my son’s favorite. He is a sucker for a good old-fashioned pancake and he rates these some of the best.  I favor their yogurt bowl with house-made cherry almond granola.  No matter what you order, the food and friendly service will satisfy you!

450 Washington Ave
Holland, MI 49423

Bonus Breakfast Place

Anna’s House

Exterior view of Anna's House, a great place for breakfast in Holland
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When I set out to list our favorite breakfast restaurants in Holland, I intended to stick to unique and local favorites.  Anna’s House is not a restaurant unique for breakfast in Holland Mi, as you will find more locations around West Michigan.  Nevertheless, it is still a local favorite, so I’m including it on this list as a bonus!

1950’s diner decor is the style in Anna’s House. The interior always feels clean and bright.  The service is friendly, and the food is delicious.  Anna’s House has a wonderful menu filled with a great variety of breakfast delights.  My personal favorite is the Corned Beef Benny.

At Anna’s, you can enjoy both decadent and healthy breakfast fare, and their gluten-free choices are among the best (several friends who stick to a gluten-free diet have told me this).  Dietary needs are always a top priority at Anna’s.  The menu shows easy-to-read icons indicating gluten-free and dairy-free dishes and which dishes can be prepared as vegan.  Anna’s even uses separate kitchen space to prepare meals for guests with food allergies.

If you’ve never visited Anna’s, note that all those around you drinking coffee will be using unique and interesting coffee mugs.  That’s because when you bring along a coffee cup from your home collection, Anna’s will add it to their diverse collection of coffee mugs, and you get your coffee for free on that visit!  I am always curious to see just what cup will arrive with my cup of decaf.  I haven’t had the same mug twice and am a regular at Anna’s!

Take note that Anna’s is closed on Tuesdays.  You can sign up for updates at their website and receive a $5 off $25 coupon.

12450 Felch St
Holland, MI 49424

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