9 Best Places to Eat and Restaurants in Sheboygan Wisconsin

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9 Best Places to Eat and Restaurants in Sheboygan Wisconsin

I recently had the opportunity to visit Sheboygan, Wisconsin, on a trip to attend a Travel Writer’s Conference through the Midwest Travel Network.  The trip was terrific, and I took away many new skills to improve my writing, but what shone was the food culture in Sheboygan!  So with that, let me share my nine best restaurants in Sheboygan, Wisconsin!

Work conferences aren’t always known for the delicious food, but this conference was different.  We had the opportunity to eat at various restaurants around the city between sessions.  I had everything from Italian to deli food to Bratwurst and beans with butter.  Amazingly, after several days of enjoying all this great food, I left my tummy intact!

Breakfast in Sheboygan

Before the day begins, a girl needs something to start the day, right?  Well, Sheboygan won’t let you down!  With everything from the classic American breakfast of eggs, meat, and potatoes to lighter fare to a cup of delightful coffee, you will have no excuse for not starting your day right.

1 – Beacon Restaurant

Try the Beacon Restaurant inside the Blue Harbor Resort at 725 Blue Harbor Drive for a delicious classic breakfast.  Park as if you’re checking in to the resort and then enter through the front doors.  The Beacon is located just off the lobby and has a full menu of options.  Service is friendly, and the food is hot and delicious.  The Beacon is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the great atmosphere and good food.

2 – Breakfast and Dessert at Seeboth Deli

The Seeboth Deli, located at 1501 South 8th Street, downtown near Sheboygan Kite Surfing Park, is the most amazing little place to grab a quick breakfast.  The locals know all about Seeboth because they have the best deli in town.  But if you’re visiting, you might look past this small deli or not realize it’s a breakfast joint, too.

As soon as you enter Seeboth, you will see a gorgeous display of desserts.  Go ahead, live wild, and have one for breakfast!  But if that’s not your thing, then order a classic breakfast.  If you’d like to try something new and exciting, go for the TotChos. 

Before you leave, grab a deli sandwich to pack for lunch while you spend time on one of Sheboygan’s gorgeous beaches.

The dessert case in Seeboth Deli showing an assortment of desserts
The dessert case at Seeboth is stuffed full of delicious treats!
A red brick building with a door on the corner. Sign shows "Seeboth Deli"
Seeboth Deli from the outside

3 – Weather Center Café

The Weather Center Café at 809 Riverfront Dr offers outdoor seating, a mean cup of coffee, and a light breakfast or lunch.  I enjoyed yogurt with homemade granola, perfect with a cup of decaf.  GASP!  Yes, I know decaf is an abomination to some, but that caffeine is not great for an already anxious person such as myself, nor does it help the menopausal bladder.  But I digress.

If the weather isn’t favorable and you can’t sit out and enjoy the view of the harbor and the boats, enjoy your breakfast inside.  And before you leave, may I suggest a piece of carrot cake or another sweet treat?  Trust me – I wouldn’t steer you that way if I didn’t have some experience in this area! 

a white paper pinned on a wall with thumbtacks showing the menu at the Weather Center restaurant in Sheboygan
So many delicious choices!
a wooden sided building showing a sign with the words "Weather Center" with 2 lights placed overtop
I love the look of the outside of this building – and it’s on a garden level, so from the parking area, the restaurant is partially sunken in.

Lunch in Sheboygan

After a morning exploring the downtown area or checking out a local museum, you’ll be looking for a midday break and a bite to eat.  Here are some delicious options for lunch.

4 – Sly’s Midtown Saloon

Here’s a fun little nugget of information you may not have known.  Sheboygan is the Bratwurst Capital of the Word.  Sly’s Midtown Saloon, located at 508 N 8th St, is the perfect place to celebrate this legendary status.  Order the bratwurst plate with double brats, American Potato Salad, and baked beans served with a dollop of butter on top.  I have never heard of butter on my beans, but I liked it!  If it’s new to you, too, give it a whirl.  Your taste buds will thank you!  Oh – by the way, the reasonable price of this delicious meal scores an A+ for me as well.

a plate with two brats, a bowl of baked beans, a scoop of American potato salad, and a pickle spear.
The Brat plate at Sly’s
a bar with some guests on barstools - lots of wood paneling
Sly’s has great character! Be sure to look at the variety of signs along the walls.

5 – Urbane

If you need a midday break or wish to end your evening with a cocktail, belly up to the bar at Urbane, located at 1231 N. 8th St., or get a table.  The choice is yours.  When I visited with a friend, we bellied up to the bar, enjoyed a couple of appetizers, both of which knocked my socks off, and toasted a great trip.

But what made me smile, besides the full bar, is that Urbane uses locally sourced, fresh ingredients for all their menu items.  Need a recommendation?  Try the Boursin Bites!  They are a cross between delicious cheese curds and a crab Rangoon.  If you stop in, tell them the Hip Grandma sent you!

a plate with boursin bites that look like crab rangoons - with a small salad and two tomatoes
You MUST try the Boursin bites!
Urbane - A brick building with a door on the corner - a lighted sign, patio tables, and red lights decorate the view
The exterior of Urbane.

6 – Longhouse Axe Bar

Ah – the Longhouse Axe Bar!  The smell of wood shavings will assault your nose as you enter the Longhouse Axe Bar, located at 1133 Indiana Ave.  Husband and wife team Jeremy and Nichole Reynolds took over this empty building, formerly the home of a furniture and antique shop, and turned the rough, unfinished space into a beautiful and fun place to whittle away at your afternoon.  See what I did there?

Enjoy a drink, a charcuterie tray, a hot pretzel, or an appetizer while you warm up for some good, old-fashioned axe throwing.  If you don’t think axe throwing is for you, then let me assure you, it’s f-u-n.  To my surprise, I tried it and was pretty good at it.  I will be excited to try again when I find the next opportunity!

The author aims an axe, ready to throw
Ready, Aim, Throw!!!
The interior of the Longhouse Axe Throwing bar showing targets and tables and a whole lot of wooden accents.
There’s wood everywhere inside of Longhouse.

At the time of my visit, the great people of Longhouse were preparing the lower level with more than one escape room experience.  Owner Jeremy’s enthusiasm for this project was evident, and the future of the Longhouse is bright! 

The author holds a Bloody Mary with targets in the background.
They make a delicious Bloody Mary!
The author wears a viking hat and a brightly striped sweater.
Striking a pose!

Dinner in Sheboygan

There’s nothing better than a relaxing dining experience at the end of a long day of exploring. Any of these fabulous choices will take great care of you and feed you in relaxed style. Enjoy!

7 – Lino Ristorante Italiano

After a long day of shopping, snacking, and hanging out at the beaches of Sheboygan, you’ll want to end your day with a relaxing fine dining experience, and boy, do I have a treat for you!  Lino’s Ristorante Italiano (Italian Restaurant) epitomizes fine dining with old-world Italian style.   If you’re lucky enough to see Lino while you’re there, you’ll never forget him.

Locals talk of how Lino loves to care for the exterior of his restaurant as much as the interior.  You may see him out watering his flowers on an average summer day.  That little fact alone makes this one of my favorite places to eat in Sheboygan.

Lino’s is conveniently located across the street from the Blue Harbor Resort at 422 S. Pier Drive. If you’re bunking at the resort, you can have a cocktail or two over dinner without worrying about catching a cab back to your room.  A quick walk across the street, and you’re home!  Trust me when I tell you that their cocktails are as good as their food.  A handsome young bartender with a cheeky smile expertly mixed mine!

An antipasto plate with veggies, meats, and cheeses.
Antipasto anyone?
a delicious and large Ribeye on a plate with carrots, potatoes, and green beans
The best Ribeye I’ve ever had. Period.
A bartender in a black shirt pours a drink into a large martini glass
A pink drink! Yum!
A plate full of desserts including cheesecake, chocolate cake, and Tiramisu
We sampled all of the desserts!

8 – Il Ritrovo Wood-Fired Pizzeria

Mama Mia!  Want a good pizza!?  You will not be sorry you’ve visited Il Ritrovo at 515 South 8th St!  Il Ritrovo is the 5th certified Vera Pizza Napoletana member in the U.S.  What does that mean?  Well, first, it means you’ll get a darned good pizza!  But more specifically, Il Ritrovo has met the strict requirements that respect the tradition of the art of Neapolitan pizza making.

Il Ritrovo marries authentic old-fashioned Italian pizza with down-home Wisconsin dairy curds.  These ingredients are placed on a slow-fermented dough and fired in a brick oven to perfection.  Don’t be afraid to ask your server questions about the ingredients.  Il Ritrovo is top-notch, with friendly staff and delicious food!

While you’re there, be sure to peek at the mural on the ceiling and check out the vast selection of wines available.

Four hands holding cocktails and toasting over a table
Cheers to an amazing evening!
Four wood-fired pizzas on a wooden table
Wood-fired pizzas are the best!
A group of smiling women sit around a table.
Cheese! That’s me in the back with the pink top.

9 – The Black Pig

A trip into downtown Sheboygan isn’t complete without a meal at the Black Pig, located at 821 N. 8th St.  The atmosphere is upscale, but the vibe is casual.  The menu is packed with unique culinary choices.  The ladies around my table had varied tastes and ordered an assortment of unique dishes, from mac-n-cheese to truffle fries to duck confit.  With a full cocktail menu, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the food and the ambiance.

Keep up with the Black Pig’s daily specials by checking their FB page.  @blackpigsheboygan No matter what you get, you are guaranteed a great meal and creative dishes at the Black Pig.

a square white plate holds a giant pile of skinny fries with crumbled bacon atop.
Truffle fries. mmmmmmm…
a sandwich board sign sits on a sidewalk - with a black pig and the words Black Pig - Open Lunch & Dinner
I always loved pink pigs – now I love the Black Pig, too!

Wrapping it All Up

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is not lacking in places to eat.  Every great place we visited had delicious food and excellent service!  Be sure and ask your server about the story behind the restaurant, too.  I love to hear the history of the restaurant where I am eating.  And hey – it gives you a great conversation starter for your dining companions.

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