27+ Best Secret Santa Poems and Messages for Your Christmas Gifts

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27+ Best Secret Santa Poems and Messages for Your Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again when the Secret Santa gift exchange becomes part of the holiday ritual.  Whether you exchange gifts as Secret Santas at your workplace, at the Christmas Party, or among family members, Secret Santa can be a fun and happy Christmas tradition for lots of people.  But the truth is – it can be hard to think of clever words to write on your secret Santa gift tags, so don’t worry!  I’ve done the work for you.  Here are 27 entertaining messages for those Secret Santa gifts at Christmas Time.

Rhyming Messages for Your Secret Santa Card

Rhyming messages look polished and creative.  An enchanting poem can be part of the fun with each new gift.  Use these rhyming messages when you put your Secret Santa gifts under the Christmas tree.

Here’s a clue that’s just right for the Secret Santa who is part of a big group including all genders.  Keep them guessing!

Who could my Secret Santa Be?
Is it a he or she? Or non-binary?
Open the gift today
And eventually, you’ll see

This one is perfect for a gift that smells delicious.  Think candle, perfume or cologne sample, sachet, or essential oils.

A smelly, sniffing gift
Especially for you
It’s from your Secret Santa
Bet you can’t guess who!

Rudolph’s nose is red.
Christmas lights are blue.
I’m your secret Santa
And this gift is for you!

Holiday time has come
And Secret Santa week has begun!
It’s time for some good, clean, fun
When I leave this small gift and run!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly.
Your Secret Santa is merry and jolly.
I’m happy to leave a gift for you.
I hope it makes you feel jolly too!

Who can I be?
Soon you will see!
But for now – it’s just me!
Leaving a gift that brings you glee!

This next clue is the perfect poem for that little food gift.  Maybe a favorite candy bar or home-baked cookies.

Yummy, yummy, yummy
You’ll love this in your tummy!
It’s a tempting, tasty treat
I can’t wait for when we meet!

I love this clue for when you’re nearing the end of your gift-giving session.  It’s the perfect little clue to prepare your recipient for the big reveal that comes with the last gift!

Who’s your secret Santa?
You will soon find out.
But for now, it’s still a mystery
But you better not cry or pout!

Jingle bells are jingling,
Jingling all the way
This gift is from your Secret Santa.
I hope it makes your day!

If you’re gifting something warm that you can serve in a mug or even the mug itself, this clue is just right!

Christmas weather may be frightful,
But Christmas gifts are sure delightful
Try not to worry about the snow
This gift will warm you; you’ll soon know!

A mystery item sits under the tree
It’s from your Secret Santa, as you can see
I think you’ll like it – that’s my guess
Open it carefully – don’t make a mess!

Thoughtful Secret Santa Clues

If you are lucky enough to have a coworker who makes your whole year better, consider one of these thoughtful notes for your secret buddy this Christmas season.  Nothing says Christmas cheer like a heartfelt note that you mean.

I am beyond grateful to have a colleague like you during such a crazy year.  I hope you enjoy your gift! Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa.

To a colleague who brightens my day every day, here’s a gift that I hope will brighten yours — best wishes from your Secret Santa.

Your smile lights up every room, so you’ve made it onto the “Nice” list for this Secret Santa.  I hope you enjoy all your goodies!  Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa

It’s crazy to think it’s Christmas again, but it’s like they say – time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks for making my year a little better.  Warm wishes from your Secret Santa.

It’s been a really tough year, but getting to spoil you for Secret Santa was the Christmas miracle I needed!  Sending you SO much love this Christmas… I hope you enjoy your gift!  Best wishes from your Secret Santa

This unique gift is for the team member I love to see every day when I walk into work.  I hope this gift brightens your day like you brighten mine!  Feliz Navidad from your Secret Santa.

Thank you for bringing a smile to my face every day of the year.  I hope this gift brings a smile to your face!  Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa.

One of my favorite parts of working here is working with you!  Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

After a crazy, busy, fun year of working together, I hope this little gift will remind you of how important you are to all of us!  Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa!

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Funny Secret Santa Messages

If you get to buy for someone with a great sense of humor, these are the tags for you!  Keep them smiling this season! 

Lots of love from your Secret Santa!
I hope you enjoy this gift – I think I sleighed it!

Oh, deer!  Getting the right gift for you was as tricky as a deer crossing the highway in the dark!
I hope you like it!

A round of Sant-applause, please
This gift was my favorite purchase of the season!

Treat yo’ elf to this special gift this holiday!
I heard this Christmas gift is right up your alley.  Enjoy!

It’s no secret how impossible it is to shop for you.  I hope you like what I dug up.
Your Secret Santa ho ho ho-pes you love this gift!  Merry Christmas!

Usually, I am the gift with you, but since I get to give the gifts to you this year, I had to step things up a notch.  Enjoy your presents (and my presence!)  Your Secret Santa!

I took my role as Secret Santa very seriously this year, and after a thorough review of your social media, I have concluded that you are indeed on the Naughty list.  I am attaching a lump of coal to remind you to behave.  Merry Christmas!

If you’re wondering why this gift looks so perfect, it’s because I’m “elf-taught”.  I hope you enjoy it, and Happy Holidays from your Secret Santa!

Nope.  I can’t tell.  Won’t tell.  It is a secret.  Just open your gift and enjoy!  Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa.

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Grab a FREE copy of these printable tags here if you’d like to make life just a bit easier. 

Secret Santa is so much fun, and it’s a great way to lighten up the atmosphere at the office or workplace.  The holiday season is a beautiful, happy time of the year, no matter who you are and how you celebrate.  Everyone loves some extra holiday fun on the eve of Christmas.  And hey, if you draw just the right name (aka “the boss”), maybe you’ll have a brighter future with these clever gift tags.

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