Self Care Bingo – One of the Very Best Self Caring Games for Personal Growth

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Self Care Bingo – One of the Very Best Self Caring Games for Personal Growth

The older I get, the more I appreciate the effects of good self-care!  I have also figured out how hard it can be to practice it daily.  Thank goodness for self-caring games!  I love having tools handy to remind me to treat myself with the kindness and love I deserve each day.  In this post, I will introduce you to my favorite self-caring game and show you how to use it!  Introducing Self-Care Bingo – the Bingo game that helps you take care of yourself!!!

What is Self Care and Why Does it Matter?

Before we can get to the fun of the game, I want to make sure that we all share the same understanding of self-care and why it’s so important.  Wikipedia defines self-care as “the process of taking care of oneself with behaviors that promote health.”  Another way to think of self-care is taking care of your physical and mental needs in the same way you would care for a loved one.

self-care bingo infographic with feeling clouds and facts about self-care
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Women sometimes get so busy taking care of kids, husbands, and family members that we forget first to care for our own needs.  But it is tough to properly care for those we love if we are too overwhelmed with caring for everyone else.  No wonder self-care is so essential!

Every woman needs to make time to care for her own needs daily, so she has the strength and ability to care for others.  You must regularly take a minute from your day to remind yourself how beautiful and unique you are.  Spend a minute or two treating yourself to some positive self-talk or a special treat that you deserve.  You can get some great ideas for quick and easy self-care HERE

It Sounds Like a Lot of Work!

Now that we have a basic idea of self-care and why we need it, let’s get to the fun part!  Self-care Bingo is a great way to make sure you’re getting your self-care in every single day, all week long.  You can make your bingo cards if that works for you, or if you’re not feeling very crafty or ambitious, you can use this handy printable sheet that I created.  The exciting news is that it comes with a blank Bingo card, so you can fill it out in a way that works for you.  Simply click on the link below.  After your purchase, you can download the cards and begin using them!

CLICK HERE or on the image below to purchase Self-Care Bingo

AD image for Self Care Bingo with title and background made up of images of a bingo card in pastel colors

Self-Care Bingo Instructions

Once you’ve printed your Bingo cards out, pick one and place it in a prominent place.  If you use a daily planner, go ahead and put it in there.  If not, don’t worry. Some women will tape it to a bathroom mirror or the refrigerator.  I like to keep mine on my desk where I work.  Think of a place where you will naturally see it throughout your day as a reminder.

Just in case you don’t know the rules of Bingo, I’ll help you out.  It’s very simple.  The idea is to check off a line of items to “win.”  You can set your own rules here – maybe you want to make your goal to fill out only straight lines.  Perhaps you want to fill out four corners.  Maybe you want to fill out a diagonal line.  You choose your own rules.

Once you complete your mission, you win.  You can reward yourself with a bonus treat when you win, or you can consider the day a success when you’ve reached your goal!  You get to choose what works for you because this game is all about feeling good! 

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Now the Nitty-Gritty Part

Here’s a list of ways you can use the symbols on the Bingo cards to practice excellent self-care.  Remember, this game is about what makes YOU feel good and fills your cup.  So, if something on the BINGO card is just not your vibe, that’s okay.  Concentrate on the items that are your vibe.

two clouds hugging clip art

A hug.  Give a hug or get a hug.  Find someone in your house who needs one and make it count!  Or, if you need a hug, ask for one.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for what you need.  You may be surprised at how good that feels, too!

a green balloon that says win clip-art

A small win.  Celebrate completing a chore you’ve been putting off or making a phone call you didn’t want to make.  Perhaps you fought the urge to call in sick to work, or you bit your tongue and didn’t say those gloriously tempting scathing words but kept them inside.  This square is open to interpretation.  Use it for any small accomplishment that feels great to you! 

a piece of pie clip-art

Bake a Goodie.  Or buy a goodie.  Or eat a goodie.  Goodies are amazing for self-care!

a bicycle clip-art

Bike Ride.  Take a bike ride.  Get some fresh air.  Maybe you don’t have a bike, but you have a stroller.  Take your kids or grandkids for a ride, or take your golf cart out for a spin around the neighborhood.  Anything with wheels works here!

multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

Talk to yourself like you would somebody you love. Brené Brown

a bubble bath clip art

Bubble bath.  Is there anything better than a great bubble bath?  I think not.  Soak up some relaxation with candles and soft music, if that’s your thing.  No tub?  It’s okay.  A long, relaxing shower is just as good!  You choose.

a boiling pot clipart

Cook.  If cooking is your happy activity, then cook something up!  If cooking isn’t your happy place, then remind yourself of how amazing it is that you can provide the people you love with nourishment.  Give credit where it’s due, and pat yourself on the back for this accomplishment!

a happy at clip-art

Cuddle kitty.  If you are lucky enough to share your world with a kitty, then take a minute to give him a cuddle or a scratch.  Your kitty will love it and if you’re lucky enough to hear a purr, then know that the sound of a cat’s purring has the power to lower your blood pressure.

coffee cup clipart

Cup of coffee.  Treat yourself to a home-brewed cup of your favorite coffee, or take yourself out for a special treat.  Or maybe it’s a special treat to add some flavored creamer.  Either way, you pick how your coffee gives you the best boost!

Aaaaa…. coffee. But first, self-care!

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tea mug clipart

Cup of tea.  Treat yourself to a special cup of your favorite flavored tea.  I’m a big fan of a Chai Tea Latte, and that’s not an everyday drink for me, so I take myself to the local coffee shop for this special treat every now and then.  If that’s not in your budget, you can always steep your cup of tea right at home!

a dancing cloud clipart

Dance Break.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  Go ahead, bust a move to your favorite tune!  Even better if there’s someone nearby to join in the fun.

a cloud blowing wind clipart

Deep Breaths.  Take some deep breaths to re-center your focus.  If you have a smartwatch, you can use it to guide you through this practice.  Or look for an app for your phone that will walk you through some deep breathing exercises.  Or go basic and just stop what you’re doing and slowly breathe in and out with your eyes closed.

a hand holding a dumbell clipart

Exercise.  If you belong to a gym, good for you!  Check this one off each time you head for the gym for some body-building fun.  If you don’t, that’s okay!  Take a few minutes to do some sit-ups, pushups, or squats.  Anything that gets your blood flowing works here!

Dear Self… I’m going to make you proud. Love, Me

heart with I love you in the middle clipart

FREE SQUARE – In the spirit of the best self-care, check this box off for free every day!

laptop with a cat on the screen clipart

Funny Videos.  If you haven’t dived into the land of YouTube, you’re missing out on an opportunity to enjoy some free laughter.  Set your timer or set a limit for the number of videos you’ll watch and spend a few minutes releasing endorphins through laughter!  Laughter is, after all, the best medicine!

video game controller and chess piece clipart

Game break.  Go ahead and let yourself have some fun!  Allow yourself a few minutes to play your favorite game on your phone.  Best to set a timer for this, so you don’t get so lost in the fun you forget to return to real life, though.  If you have kids or grandkids with a Wii or an Oculus, go ahead and play a game with them right in the middle of your day.  A minute of gameplay is not only a treat for you but is a treat for them as well!

a cloud wrapped in a blanket clip art

Get Cozy.  Sometimes the best thing we can do to care for ourselves is tuck in and feel cozy.  I keep a weighted blanket near my couch, and some days the weight on my lap and around my shoulders is just what I need to soothe my spirit.  If you don’t have a weighted blanket, any effort at treating yourself to some cozy comfort will work.  Maybe you just need to take off those tight jeans and replace them with some fuzzy joggers.  Recognizing your comfort is the goal for this square.

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Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Be gentle with yourself

paper, pencil, scissors clipart

Get crafty.  Go ahead and check out a new craft that you’ve wanted to try.  Or pick up an old favorite.  Get those knitting needles out or put together a scrapbook page in the family album.  Whatever you choose, getting crafty is a great way to take a break from your day and focus on something that brings you joy!

wine glass clipart

Glass of wine.  Or Diet Coke.  Or Water.  Any beverage that makes you feel good and is a little treat.  Indulge yourself.  I can’t drink a lot of orange juice for specific health reasons, but I sure do love it and miss it.  Occasionally I can treat myself to a small cup of OJ, and I savor it.  What a delightful treat!

a jogging tennis shoe clipart

Go for a walk.  Take a 15-minute break from your day to walk.  Use your break for this quick pick-me-up if you work in an office.  If you work from home or are retired, make this one a part of your daily routine.  There are plenty of walk-in-place videos, either online or at your local library, that work if walking outside isn’t an option.  A quick walk will get your blood pumping and clear your mind, too!

a hair dryer clipart

Haircut.  Don’t you just love a fresh cut!?  Taking care of our physical needs is a great way to take care of our mental health.  Count this square if you’ve made an appointment for your next cut, or you made your way to the salon for a fresh ‘do!

Love every inch of yourself.

a tissue box clipart

Have a cry.  Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to have a good cry.  Put on that one song that gets you in touch with your sad side, or put in a movie.  A sure-fire cry movie for me is “Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick Jr.  I bawl every time I watch that movie.  And sometimes, it provides just the healing I need.

an apple and a carrot clip art

Healthy Snack.  Eat something good for yourself!  Better yet – replace a not-so-healthy treat with something delicious and good for you.  Taking care of your body helps you take care of your mind!

a flat hand - palm out clipart

Hold a boundary.  Know your worth and hold the line.  Tell someone NO.  If that’s a tough one for you, read Be Brave and Courageous – 100 Fun Ways to Say No for some great ideas. Saying no is hard for me, so I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I can check off this self-care bingo box!

Saying NO can be the best form of Self-Care

an open journal showing a pencil clipart

Journal.  Journaling is a great way to get your feelings out.  Treat yourself to a fun and unique notebook.  Keep it handy, so you can take a few minutes each day to write out things you’re grateful for or situations that are hard for you.  Putting these thoughts on paper is a fantastic way to take great care of yourself.

an uncorked bottle clipart

Let off Steam.  I love this exercise when I’m having a rough time.  My therapist taught me to take raw eggs and throw them at the trees when I need to let some frustration out.  Maybe you need to go into a room and punch some pillows or scream at the top of your lungs.  There are so many ways you can let some steam out.  Please don’t underestimate the importance of letting it out and not bottling it up!

a burning cnadle clipart

Light a candle.  Or change up your wax melts.  The important thing here is to treat your senses to a new and lovely scent.  I love to take my toddler grandson shopping, and when we shop, he and I go to the candle department and sniff all the delightful candle scents.  The smells are very grounding, and smelling them together with him is a fun bonding experience. And when we do it, he has fun helping me check off this self care bingo box, too!

a singing bird clipart

Listen to nature.  Open a window and hear the birds chirp.  Take a break to look out the window and count the squirrels.  Do something that forces you to take a quick break from your routine and allows you to refocus on something that pleases you.

Self-Care is how you take your power back.Lalah Delia

a memo pad with a numbered list and a pencil clipart

Make a list.  For me, making a list helps me feel organized.  I use this square if I check something important off of my list, too.  You choose how it works best for you each day.

nail polish and brush clipart

Mani/Pedi.  Pamper yourself with some beautiful nails.  I have a hard time reaching my toes, so for me, the best kind of pampering involves a trip to the local nail salon.  Nothing feels quite as lovely as a fresh manicure or pedicure!

headphones with music notes clipart

Music.  Play your favorite song and sing along!  Belting out your favorite tune is a great way to lift your spirits and put the world in perspective again.  Pair this up with some dance moves, and you can check off a couple of your Bingo boxes!

a thumbs up clipart

Pay a compliment.  Paying a compliment to others is sometimes the best way to take care of ourselves.  So, break this one out regularly.  Tell that cashier that you love her hair or the waitress that she’s doing a great job.  Tell a young mom struggling in a difficult moment that she’s doing a great job.  If you don’t have it in you to compliment a stranger, compliment yourself!

Self-Care is giving the world the best of you and not what’s left of you. Katie Reed

3 baby plants in pots clipart

Play in the dirt.  Getting your hands dirty is great for our minds and bodies.  I have a “black thumb” and cannot manage to grow most plants, but I have persisted until I found one Christmas Cactus that thrives for me.  Nurturing this little plant is good for my psyche, so when I have a few minutes to water her and talk to her, I check off this box.  If you are lucky enough to have been blessed with good gardening skills, I’m jealous.  If you have a black thumb like me and don’t want to fuss with houseplants, take some time to head outside and play in the dirt.  Roll around on the grass or dig out some weeds.  No matter how you find a way to get your hands into some good and earthy dirt, you can make this box work for you creatively!

a child jumproping

Play with a kid.  Time playing with a child is a fantastic way to refocus.  Children’s needs are much simpler than ours.  Taking time to fulfill their need by giving them time and undivided attention has a way of filling our cup unlike anything else.  If you don’t have a child built-in to your life, find one through an organization like Kids Hope or become a Big sister through the Big Brother Big Sister Program of America.  

a podcast microphone clipart

Podcast.  Listen to your favorite podcast while you get your daily chores done.  Pick a favorite that you haven’t enjoyed in a while.  Choose a podcast from someone who makes you smile or reminds you of what matters.  If you’re unsure what a podcast is (or need some recommendations) read The Complete Guide to Podcasts for Women Over 50:  Who, What, and Why.  And bonus – you don’t even have to be over 50 to read it!

Put your own oxygen mask on first.

praying hands clipart

Pray.  Daily prayer is a must for me.  Use this square for when you take extra time during the day to ask God for what you need and thank Him for what he’s done.  “Don’t worry about anything.  Instead, pray about everything.  Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.  His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:6-7

A book with hearts on the cover clipart

Read Break.  Pick up your favorite book or pick something new and interesting and indulge in a quick reading break.  Reading for a few minutes each day is a great escape and is the perfect way to treat yourself!

trees and flowers clipart

Step Outside.  Fresh air has a unique way of making us feel great.  Take a couple of minutes to step outside and breathe some fresh air.  Even in the middle of a blizzard, the crisp, cold air will feed your lungs and your soul.  So don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying nature’s finest offering!

a chocolate square clipart

Sweet snack.  Go ahead!  Indulge in a piece of chocolate or a slice of that cake that’s been taunting you.  It’s not only okay to indulge on occasion, but it’s also necessary!

Sleep is self-care, too!

a pillow clipart

Take a nap.  Yup.  Sometimes you just need a nap.  Maybe not every day, but on the day you really need one, go ahead and indulge. This is one of my favorite self care bingo boxes!

a clock clipart

Take five.  Give yourself a break from whatever it is that you’re doing.  Sitting in one place too long isn’t good for your mind or body, so change your scenery for a few.  Or maybe you’ve been worried about a situation.  Take five minutes, and don’t allow yourself to fret or think about that problem.  You can do it!

a conversation bubble with a heart and an angry conversation bubble clipart

Therapy.  This box is one of my favorites to check off!  I go to therapy once a week, so it’s almost a free square for me on therapy days.  If you’ve never gone, it’s never too late to get started. If you aren’t sure therapy is for you, here are 10 Benefits of Therapy You Won’t Believe – Part 1

a pint of ice cream clipart

Treat Yourself.  That’s right.  Ice cream for the win!  I love to indulge in a bowl of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s treat, Chunky Monkey.  Choose your favorite ice cream or candy, and let yourself enjoy every delightful bite!  And if you have kids around, go ahead and hide in the closet and refuse to share!  You deserve it!

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.

a pool chair and the sunshine clipart

Vitamin D.  Vitamin D supports our mental health.  Sunshine is one of the very best ways to get Vitamin D.  It absorbs right through our skin.  So step outside, stand in that sunbeam, and collect your daily dose of this mood-boosting vitamin!

a dog clipart

Walk the dog.  Or pet the dog.  Or teach the dog a new trick, or review the old tricks and give her a treat.  Any time spent with your furry friend is healing to the heart and mind!

a letter, and envelope and a pencil clipart

Write a note.  Choose yourself!  Write a letter to yourself at age 18 or age 12.  Tell yourself what you wish you knew back then.  Or write a note to a friend telling her what you love about her.  Then mail it!  Write a letter to your children to be opened on their wedding day.  The sky’s the limit here.  This powerful exercise has the power to help you refocus on what’s important in your world, both now and moving forward.

a cloud doing yoga moves clipart

Yoga move.  Yoga moves are great for stretching muscles and increasing focus.  Spend a few minutes practicing a few of your favorite yoga moves, or learn a couple of new yoga moves to check off this self care bingo box.

a laptop with people in squares on the screen

Zoom a Friend.  Before Covid, we would have said call a friend.  Now we get the pleasure of looking at someone while we talk.  If you are my age, you remember when this was just a dream cooked up in Marty McFly’s future.  Now it’s a real thing!  A phone call will do if you don’t have the technology to Zoom someone you love.  Just use this square to reach out to someone for a feel-good moment.

Wrapping it All Up!

The squares on these Bingo cards are there to remind you that your needs come first.  You cannot take care of others unless you’ve taken proper care of yourself and your own needs.  You get to choose how to use these Bingo Cards in a way that works for your life and helps you to keep yourself a priority.

How do you take good care of yourself?  I would love to know as I’m always adding ideas to my list!  Please share in the comments below or my Facebook group HERE.

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