The Very Best Unique Sheboygan Breakfast (and Lunch) in WI

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The Very Best Unique Sheboygan Breakfast (and Lunch) in WI

You will undoubtedly need a Sheboygan breakfast when you visit Sheboygan, Wi! There are many places to choose from, but if you want something unique and delicious, you must try the Seeboth Deli! Located on South 8th Street in Sheboygan, just a short drive from the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Lake Michigan, local beaches, and the Rochester Inn, a local historic hotel, you wouldn’t think of this place as extraordinary. Until you step inside, that is.

On a recent visit to Sheboygan County, I was looking for good food and great service, and I got both at Seeboth Deli. Here’s the story of my visit!

The exterior of the Seeboth Deli in Sheboygan Wisconsin
The first view inside of Seeboth Deli showing the dessert case, register, and wall mural

A Sheboygan Breakfast at Seeboth Delicatessan

Walking into the restaurant this morning, I wondered what kind of breakfast delight was about to unfold. Everywhere we ate in Sheboygan was terrific, so my anticipation of breakfast at Seeboth Delicatessan was high. Many common areas in small restaurants are small and crowded, but this was not the case at Seeboth. My first impressions were of a clean, well-stocked, and organized space.

The dessert case immediately drew me in with its beautiful display of assorted berry tiramisu and lemon meringue desserts. The case was clean, the glass was clean, and the desserts looked fresh and yummy. I realized at that moment that perhaps I am a bit addicted to sugar because I would have happily traded any egg and meat breakfast item for a slice of that Tiramisu! And bonus – it was in shades of pink and purple to match my hair, and who wouldn’t love a breakfast dessert to match their hair!? And bonus – that Tiramisu may not be a bowl of fresh fruit, but it sure had fruit in it, and that counts, right?

The Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

We gathered around our pre-set table and took turns noticing and photographing the giant chocolate chip cookies laid out for our enjoyment. If you’ve never seen a Cookie as big as your head, I highly recommend you find one and photograph it! Then eat it! As for me, mine will travel the day with me, hopefully remaining in one gorgeous piece to indulge in a late-night snack while I fondly remember today’s events.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Sheboygan Breakfast Tot-Chos

Soon after we were seated, the lovely Janelle appeared to offer us a cup of coffee and to take our orders. As is the standard with a group of travel writers, there was great discussion about the dishes for which the restaurant is best known. It turns out that Seeboth Deli is known for its Tot-Chos.  What is a Tot-Cho, you ask? Exactly what it sounds like – a plate full of tots, covered in a cheesy sauce and two eggs, cooked to perfection and with a sprinkle of bacon pieces littered over the top. Dee-lish! As soon as I heard Tot-Chos, I knew I was in! I mean, who doesn’t want this delightful mix of breakfast goodness!?

If you’re not into Breakfast Tot-Chos, don’t worry. You can fill your belly with any number of other selections, including an omelet (I see you, Pastrami and cheese), a more traditional breakfast of like eggs, toast, and hashbrowns, or, of course, the classic cinnamon swirl French toast or pancakes. You can’t leave this place hungry, and if you do, you have only yourself to blame.

As we waited for our meals to arrive, the table grew quiet, and I noticed that we were all involved in the other thing that happens when a group of travel writers gathers. Everyone present had their phone out and was catching up on social media, morning emails, and communicating with families back home. I couldn’t help but snag a photo of this moment.

Sarah, our fearless leader, broke the silence by announcing that the restaurant has paper Chef Hats! Of course, we all needed to model one, so hats were passed around to everyone. We all giggled while donning the silly hats and posed for Janelle to capture the moment on one of the phones handed over. We will all remember the joy of the moment, wearing hats together and smiling for the camera.

a group of travel writers in paper deli caps
Take a look at the photo of owner/chef Jim Seeboth on the wall behind us.
multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

At just the right moment, Janelle whisked in with our breakfast! Another flash of travel writers photographing their breakfast ensued. Once again, the table grew quiet as we gobbled up the morning repast, with only the occasional moan of tastebud pleasure punctuating the silence.

While we all gobbled up breakfast, we were treated to a quick meeting with the man behind the Tots, Owner, and Executive Chef Jim Seeboth.  Mr. Seeboth gives the impression of a man with few words. He efficiently popped out of the kitchen in the back to ask us how everything was. We all mumbled and nodded affirmatively with mouths stuffed. His timing was impeccable. With a slight smile, he nodded and headed back to the kitchen. There is comfort in knowing that he was operating the kitchen the day we visited. He takes pride in his very clean restaurant and the delicious food we enjoyed.

Seeboth Serves Lunch!

If Seeboth has such a delightful breakfast, I wondered what delights awaited those who come in for lunch. Once again, you won’t be disappointed. Choose a fresh salad or one of several deli sandwiches; all served with homemade potato chips. They even have a Fish Reuben sandwich with slaw and Swiss cheese. I’m getting hungry just remembering the choices.

If you come here for lunch and are sad that you didn’t get to try the breakfast Tot-Chos, don’t worry! Seeboth Deli has ya covered. Snag a plate of lunch Tot-Chos. Instead of eggs and bacon, this lunch dish has tater tots covered with the same cheese sauce decked out with BBQ pulled pork, salsa, and sour cream. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, and now I know I’ll have to stop back for a lunch Tot-Cho!

The Day Awaits

As we gathered our phones, cameras, sweaters, and giant cookies, a group of retired folks was getting comfortable around the table next to ours. They were very curious about our group and littered us with questions. Where are you from? What are you doing? Is this your first time here? And then, they excitedly told us that they meet weekly at Seeboth for breakfast as one of their special events of retirement and were so happy to share their favorite breakfast with the newcomers. Seeboth is indeed a great place with friendly staff and good service. Combine that with a tasty plate of Tot-Chos, and what more could a visitor want?

All-in-all, when we finished our morning at Seeboth, we agreed. The people of Sheboygan were delightful, the food continues to be delicious, and the day ahead holds the promise of more of the things that make Sheboygan special.

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  1. We live in Sheboygan. Their soups are to die for. We especially love their lasagna soup. The take home carved turkey is amazing. You can buy meat by the pound as well. The BBQ pulled pork sandwich is one of my favorites there.

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