The 7 Best Lake Michigan Beaches (and 7 Bonus Beaches) in South Haven, Mi

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The 7 Best Lake Michigan Beaches (and 7 Bonus Beaches) in South Haven, Mi

South Haven, Michigan, is a popular tourist destination located on the Western border of Michigan and the Eastern shores of Lake Michigan.  South Haven is known for its charming small-town feel, historic lighthouse, Michigan Maritime Museum, and stunning public beaches.  If you are ready to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life or get away from your daily routine, South Haven is perfect for you.  And you’ve come to the right place!  This article will introduce you to seven of the best beaches in South Haven, Michigan.  But beware!  You may never want to leave.

North Beach

Let’s begin with North Beach.  This popular beach is just a short walk from downtown South Haven.  Although it is one of the two most popular beaches in town, North Beach is quieter and more secluded than nearby South Beach, making it the perfect beach for you if you’re looking for a peaceful beach experience.  With scenic views of the lighthouse and pier, North Beach is a picturesque spot for a picnic or a sunset stroll.

If you want a family-friendly beach, North Beach is a good place to visit.  You will find playground equipment for your favorite young’uns, restrooms, showers for that after-swim rinse, and even a concession stand!

Parking is convenient and, at $10 per day, reasonably priced.

45 Lakeshore Dr, South Haven, MI 49090

South Beach

South Beach is the most popular beach in South Haven and, therefore, sometimes the busiest.  But there’s a good reason for that.  The beach is over a mile long, has a convenient parking area with plenty of parking, and offers amenities such as restrooms, showers, and volleyball courts.  They even have concession stands!  The beach also boasts stunning views of the historic South Haven Lighthouse.  Be sure to walk down the pier to get a close-up view of the lake while you’re there.

South Beach is within easy walking distance from downtown South Haven.  The lovely walk will take you down a long sloping sidewalk and is perfect when accompanied by an ice cream cone from the nearby South Pier Creamery.

a street scene showing South Pier Creamery with a small child looking into the window.

Once you arrive at the beach, you’ll find plenty of amenities and activities to keep the entire family entertained, such as a playground, concession stand, and volleyball courts, making it an excellent spot for families and groups of any kind.

You will find picnic tables between the beach and the parking lot, making this beach the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and pack everything back into the car before heading out to the sand and water.  At $10 per day, parking is a great deal, but South Beach is popular, so the parking lot fills up quickly.  Give yourself plenty of time and come early.  Finally, this park is ADA-accessible. 

60 Water St., South Haven, MI 49090

a street view from downtown looking at the pier at South Haven's South Beach with a lighthouse at the end.

Woodman Beach Access

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxed beach setting, then Woodman Street Beach access might be right for you.  Peace and quiet are the names of the game at Woodman Beach.  You will not find restroom facilities, but you will find convenient parking nearby for just $10 per day.  This small beach area is only a few minutes from the larger North Beach but is much quieter and secluded.

97 N. Shore Dr., South Haven, MI 49090

Oak Street Beach

Situated on the north side of the Black River, Oak Street Beach is an excellent spot for kayaking and paddleboarding.  Visitors can also enjoy a game of beach volleyball or a picnic under the shade of the trees.  Oak Street Beach has a small parking lot requiring a beach parking sticker from the city of South Haven.  The alternative is nearby street parking, allowing you to access the beach almost as quickly.  Head down a set of wooden stairs and find a quiet place to take in the sunset.

409 N. Shore Dr., South Haven, MI 49090

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Dyckman Street Access

The Dyckman Street Access is a convenient place to access Lake Michigan and is within walking distance of Outpost Sports, where you can rent kayaks, paddle boards, or bikes to explore the town.  Public parking at the street entrance is $10 per day.  The beach is small but has easy lake access to walk down the beach.

Public restrooms in the form of porta potties are in the nearby park area.  If you prefer brick-and-mortar restrooms, head down to North beach, where you’ll find restrooms and concessions.  What I love about this small beach is that it is close to the amenities of the big beach but gives you the feel of a small, private beach.

Hip Grandma Tip:  Dyckman Street Beach Access does not allow pets.  If you’re looking for a dog-friendly beach, check out Deerlick Creek Park or Pilgrim Haven Natural Area—more details on those beaches are below.

175 N Shore Dr, South Haven, MI 49090

Packard Park Beach

Located in the heart of South Haven, Packard Park Beach is a small but charming spot for a quick dip in Lake Michigan.  A playground and picnic area nearby makes it an excellent site for families with young children.  Enjoy the natural beauty of this clean and beautiful park.  Packard Park Beach is also one of the best places to take in the sunset while seated on one of the benches built-in on the wooden deck.

231 N. Shore Dr., South Haven, MI 49090

Newcome Beach Access

Newcome Beach Access is a small, stand-alone beach surrounded by private property, which makes this small beach area just right for those who would like to sunbathe in relative privacy and enjoy the peaceful sound of the waves lapping at the shore. 

Located just off Blue Star Highway and North Shore Drive.

Bonus Beaches

The best news is that there is no shortage of sandy beaches along the shores of Lake Michigan.  If you head just a bit South of South Haven, you’ll find a few more great beaches.  Check these out!

Van Buren State Park

Van Buren State Park is located about 10 minutes South of downtown South Haven and offers a natural beach experience, perfect for nature lovers!  You can hike through sand dunes and nature trails, swim in the crystal-clear water of Lake Michigan, enjoy the feel of the smooth rocks under your feet all along the beachfront, and even camp overnight in one of the park’s cabins or campsites. 

Van Buren State Park also offers access to the Kalamazoo River, which is perfect for kayakers.  It is also home to the South Haven Yacht Club, where you can rent boats and enjoy sailing, fishing, and other water-based activities.  Finally, plan to pack a picnic and visit one of the many areas convenient for a meal.  You’ll find picnic tables and grills readily available.

23960 Ruggles Rd, South Haven Charter Twp, MI 49090

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Casco Township Beach

Casco Township Beach is a hidden gem and a favorite among locals, offering a peaceful escape from the crowds.  This quiet, secluded beach provides plenty of space to relax and soak up the sun.  It even has a pier for fishing and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

770 Blue Star Memorial Hwy, South Haven, MI 49090

Pier Cove Beach

You will find Pier Cove Beach just a few miles south of South Haven.  Here you’ll find a secluded and peaceful beach with excellent dunes for climbing.  You can read more about Pier Cove beach in Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Beaches in Saugatuck and Douglas, Michigan.

2290 Lakeshore Dr, South Haven, MI 49090

Glenn Beach

Glenn Beach is a small, quiet beach just a few miles north of South Haven.  The beach is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a peaceful day by the lake.

Located at the intersection of Fabun Road & Redman Drive, Fennville, MI 49408

Pilgrim Haven Natural Area

Pilgrim Haven Natural Area – For a truly secluded beach experience, head to Pilgrim Haven Natural Area.  This undeveloped beach offers miles of unspoiled shoreline, perfect for a quiet walk or a peaceful picnic.  And even better news for those who love bringing your pup.  Pilgrim Haven Natural Area is a dog-friendly beach!

Located at the 77000 block of 18th Ave., South Haven, MI 49090

Deerlick Creek Park

Since we are on the subject of dog-friendly beaches, let’s talk about Deerlick Creek Park.  This charming little beach area in South Haven Township has a small creek that opens to Lake Michigan, making it a great place to launch your kayak and make your way into the waters of Lake Michigan.  And, of course, Deerlick Creek Park is dog-friendly, so your 4-legged best friend is always welcome here!

13th Avenue, South Haven, MI 49090

Covert Park Beach

Covert Park Beach is a small beach located just south of South Haven and offers a beautiful, secluded setting.  This beach, surrounded by lush greenery, offers stunning lake views and provides one-quarter mile of Lake Michigan shoreline beach frontage.  A picnic area is available with picnic tables and “bring your own charcoal” grills.

80559 32nd Ave, Covert, MI 49043

Wrapping It All Up

Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, South Haven, Michigan, has something for everyone.  So pack your sunscreen and towels, grab a snack (because everything’s more fun with a snack), and get ready to explore some of the most beautiful beaches in the Midwest!  The great lakes will not disappoint you for unsalted, shark-free fun! The southwest Michigan town of South Haven has something for everyone.

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