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Beginner’s Guide: What is Car Camping? 9 Best Tips for a Memorable Adventure

I recently took a road trip that allowed me to try my first car camping trip. When I mentioned that I would try this fun, new adventure, I was surprised at how many people first asked, “But what is car camping?” and thought I had lost my mind when I explained it! But I liked the experience! So, let’s talk about why it worked so well for me, and I’ll give you some of my best tips so you’re ready when you want to try it yourself!

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The Best 7 Things to Do in Madison County, Indiana

Indiana isn’t just cornfields and open spaces. Tucked away in the quiet corners of the state, you’ll find a wealth of treasures in the small towns, full of cool things to see and do. From stunning street art that brings ordinary walls to life to fantastic foodie experiences, these off-the-radar attractions are precisely the experiences that capture the unique heart of America.