The Best Weekend in Spooner Wi: 15 Places to Visit, Eat, and Stay

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The Best Weekend in Spooner Wi: 15 Places to Visit, Eat, and Stay

There’s a sweet little town nestled in the Midwest that you may not have discovered yet! The city of Spooner WI, located in Northwest Wisconsin, is full of quaint charm and abundant outdoor activities and is an unmissable destination.

One of my favorite adventures is exploring a small town in America, where you will meet wonderful and interesting people, find some of the best places to shop and eat, and explore nature’s beauty all around the country.

If you’re looking for a place where small-town friendliness meets adventure, Spooner, WI, should be on your travel list. From delicious local cuisine to unique shopping experiences, this town has everything I love in small-town America!

So pack your bags and get ready to uncover all that Spooner WI has to offer. Trust me; this Midwestern treasure in the United States will leave you wanting more!

Where to Stay in Spooner WI

Spooner offers a variety of cozy and comfortable accommodations. From luxurious resorts brimming with amenities to boutique hotels that marry old-world charm with modern comforts – there’s something for every taste.

Anytime you travel, you must first decide what kind of accommodations will work best for you.  Choose a luxury resort?  A boutique hotel?  Campground?  So many choices.  But this Hip Grandma loves a clean and comfortable hotel.

Don’t underestimate the power of a locally-run chain hotel.  When I visited, I stayed at the Best Western Spooner Riverplace, and I loved the personal touches all over the hotel, thanks to the local management team.  The hotel was clean and the breakfast was excellent.

The only drawback to this hotel is that there are no elevators to the second floor.  If you cannot manage stairs, then be sure to request a first-floor room when you make your reservation.

Find a Room in Spooner Wi

Experience the Local Cuisine & Cocktails

Spooner is home to a variety of delicious dining options.  Whether you choose a cozy cafe, a family-friendly restaurant, or a bar or pub, be sure to indulge in some traditional Wisconsin eats like cheese curds, bratwurst, or a Friday fish fry.

Deneli’s Pizza

Those who know me know that I could eat pizza at every meal.  So it makes sense that I hunt down a great pizza joint in nearly every city I visit, and Spooner is no exception.  Enter Deneli’s Pizza.

Deneli’s is a must-visit restaurant located in the heart of town.  This unassuming brick building served us up an amazing pizza and salad bar buffet lunch, and the joint was jumping!  Clearly, the locals know where to find good food!

But you don’t have to be a local to enjoy what Deneli’s offers.  The restaurant is known for its delicious pizzas, made with fresh ingredients and a perfect blend of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of classic cheese pizza or prefer unique toppings like bacon and pineapple, Deneli’s has something for everyone.

The Hip Grandma poses in front of the Deneli's Pizza Sign
A pile of pickled herring on the salad bar.

And I must talk about the salad bar for a moment.  Where else can you go and enjoy a salad bar with pickled herring!?  Well – perhaps many places in Wisconsin have this delicacy due to its Nordic heritage, but it was a first for this Hip Grandma, that’s for sure!

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And I, the Hip Grandma, contributed by writing the Michigan chapter!

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Tracks Bar & Grill

Tracks Bar & Grill is off the beaten path a wee little bit, but it will be worth the visit, I promise!  The menu is always good, serving up classic comfort foods and burgers.  The customer favorite here is the Pot Pie – down-home comfort food at its best.

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter Tracks is the open concept and well-lit dining area.  With a vaulted ceiling and exposed beams, you get to enjoy your food in a lovely open setting!  The second thing you’ll notice, especially if you visit on a Friday, is the GIANT bowl of tartar sauce at the end of the buffet.

A giant bowl of tartar sauce at the end of a buffer at Tracks - a restaurant in Spooner Wi

I can see I have your attention.  You see, Fridays at Tracks Bar & Grill are Fish Fry Fridays!  Come on in, find your seat, and order all the Icelandic cod you can eat, either broiled or battered and fried.  Your dinner comes with a buffet that includes 11 side dishes, including wild rice, candied carrots, au gratin potatoes, and several other delicious options.  And yes – that GIANT bowl of tartar sauce gets put to good use!

The sign out front of Tracks - a restaurant in Spooner Wi

An Evening Cocktail

As the sun sets over the Spooner area, there’s no better way to celebrate your day of adventure than with a well-crafted cocktail. The town boasts several inviting spots where you can savor an evening drink amidst warm Midwest hospitality.  Two of my favorites are The Round Man Brewing Company and the Perlick Distillery.

The Round Man Brewing Company

Step into Round Man Brewing Company and take note of the giant brewing room to your left.  You’ll immediately get a sense that this place knows how to brew!  At Round Man Brewing Co, locally sourced ingredients take center stage in their array of craft beers. Whether it’s hoppy IPAs or smooth stouts that whet your whistle, this family-owned brewery has got you covered. Not just for beer lovers, they also play host to live music events regularly, adding a lively rhythm to your night out.  And the menu is top-notch, too!

The exterior of the Round Man Brewing Company in Spooner Wi

Want to bring Fido along?  You bet!  Dogs are welcome on the patio from spring until fall.  The Round Man even has a Dog Menu.  Be sure and ask!

A closeup of pizza on a thin crust at Round Man Brewing Company
A salad served at the Round Man Brewing Company in Spooner Wi

A Local Distillery Tour and Tasting

Just a few minutes from Spooner, you’ll find the Perlick Distillery.  In nearby Sarona, Perlick is the perfect place to while away an afternoon in the country.  This small family farm has been producing crops since 1920, when the Perlick family began farming it.

Some of today’s crops contribute to the fine alcohols that are produced on-site here.  In the summer months, Perlick hosts a farmer’s market and welcomes food trucks on-site, so you can shop while you sip a cocktail from their amazing cocktail menu.

Signs for Perlick Distillery with a large tree and the building in the background.

When you visit, take note of the gorgeous interior of the Perlick Tasting Room.  Owner Scott Perlick hand-laid the fieldstone floors in the tasting room and created an open and airy atmosphere.  You will want to sit here all day and enjoy the ambiance.

Come in late summer and enjoy the Sunflower maze, which is planted in shape by modern technology and GPS-enabled farm equipment.

Note: Please drink responsibly during all travel experiences and do not drink and drive.

Hip Grandma's feet standing on a beautiful fieldstone floor at Perlick Distillery
Owner Scott Perlick hand-cut and laid each of these stones that were found on the Perlick Farm property.

Shopping in Spooner, WI

The charm of shopping in the quaint downtown area of Spooner, Wisconsin, is a delight for those who appreciate local and unique finds. From antiques to handcrafted goods, there’s plenty to explore.

Spooner General Store

A visit to the beloved Spooner General Store unveils an array of eclectic items that range from home decor to fashionable clothing and thoughtful gifts. It’s not just about buying something.  It’s about taking back a piece of this friendly Midwestern town with you.

multi-colored background with the words "let's be friends" printed on top with "click here to join the facebook group"

White Bird Creations

Moving on from general merchandise towards more artistic creations, White Bird Creations offers shoppers whimsical handmade jewelry, accessories, and home accents. Many of the items here are crafted by local artisans, capturing the spirit of Northwestern Wisconsin beautifully.

A small-town street with shops decorated out front.

Antique Associates Mall

Your trip through time continues at Antique Associates Mall, where vintage collectibles meet rare antiquities spanning various eras over a 10,000 square feet space. Spend hours uncovering hidden gems amidst their vast collection.  This mall is truly a treasure trove waiting for history enthusiasts.

Celebrate the Arts in Spooner, WI

If shopping isn’t your bag (see what I did there?), then immerse yourself in the local art scene of Spooner, Wisconsin. This charming Midwestern town boasts a number of galleries and creative spaces that not only display regional talent but also offer visitors an opportunity to create their own works.

A visit to The Purple Pelican Gallery is sure to inspire any art enthusiast. Showcasing pieces from over 100 artists across Northern Wisconsin, you’ll find everything from paintings and sculptures to jewelry and pottery here. But it’s more than just a gallery – they also host workshops. Why not attempt to craft something gorgeous?

Northwind Book & Fiber Store

Moving beyond traditional visual arts, Northwind Book & Fiber Store offers knitting supplies along with its collection of books on literature and crafts, making it another great stop if you’re looking for reading material or materials for crafting projects back home.  Remember – it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby!

Learn about the Outdoors Indoors in Spooner, WI

For outdoor enthusiasts, Spooner is a paradise. With its numerous lakes, rivers, and forests, there are endless opportunities for hiking, fishing, boating, and more.  But if you’re more of an indoor sort of girl like me, then you’ll appreciate some of these rich opportunities to explore what makes the outdoors so appealing!

Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum

You simply cannot leave Spooner without a stop at the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum. Here lies an ode to canoeing as part of our cultural heritage and the rich history of canoeing in Wisconsin.  Displays featuring handcrafted wooden canoes provide insight into traditional boat-building techniques that were used historically and into present-day canoe-building.

A folding sign stands out front at the Spooner Canoe Heritage Museum

On the day I visited, canoe craftsman and museum docent Darwin Karl walked through the museum with me and gave a wonderful narrated tour of the canoes on display.  He answered all of this Hip Grandma’s many questions.  And to think I hadn’t given much thought at all to canoes before this.  Oh, the things in life we take for granted.

Not only do you get a look at how canoes have been built over the ages, but the extensive array of canoes, kayaks, and other vessels on display illustrate the critical role water transportation has played in this area.

A close up of the inside of a canoe and a plackard in front that talks about the techniques used when building it.

Railroad Memories Museum and Spooner Railroad Park

Just a short walk from the Canoe Museum lies the Railroad Memories Museum. Once a bustling Chicago & Northwestern Railway depot, this museum now houses exhibits showcasing vintage railroad artifacts from years gone by when rails were central to life across Northern Wisconsin.

You’re likely to stumble upon antique ticket punches or lanterns once used for night work on tracks – each artifact a piece of railroad history telling its own story of the railroads’ role in shaping northern Wisconsin’s development over time.  Be sure and ring the bell when you visit.  You’ll be amazed at how thick this bell is and how loud it rings!

Hip Grandma rings a giant train bell

When you’re done wandering through the museum, wander through Spooner Railroad Park, where you can take a journey through history by exploring vintage train cars and learning about the area’s railroad heritage.

The inside of the Railroad Memories museum, crowded with railroad antiques and relics

The Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad

And now that you’re in the mood for a ride on the rails don’t miss the opportunity to take a ride on the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad, a scenic train journey through the beautiful countryside.  For those passionate about trains, you will surely have a good time at the Great Northern Railroad exploring the vintage locomotives and train cars from its golden age of rail travel.

A giant bulletin board shows the history of the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad.

The Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad offers a variety of train-riding experiences, from the popular wine and cheese-tasting ride to the family-friendly Pizza Train.  You can even spend the night aboard the train in a sleeper car on the Bed & Breakfast Train Ride.  And the list doesn’t stop there.  Check the website for a list of the many train riding experiences aboard the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad!

An orange train pulls into the station at the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad
The Gist: 

Embrace the rich history and outdoor heritage of Spooner, WI. From vintage railroad artifacts at Railroad Memories Museum to traditional boat-building techniques at Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum, this charming town offers a unique indoor exploration experience. Don’t forget to indulge in local cuisine after a day of discovery.

Outdoor Adventures in Spooner, WI

Of course, all of this talk of the great outdoors may get you excited about actually being outdoors, and Spooner is the perfect place to do exactly that!

The Thrill on Two Wheels: Wildcat Mountain Bike Trail

One cannot talk about adventures in Spooner without mentioning the famous Wildcat Mountain Bike Trail. Thrill-seeking cyclists will love pedaling down Wildcat Mountain Bike Trail, which offers scenic views coupled with challenging terrains.  This trail guarantees an adrenaline rush to both seasoned riders and beginners alike. It’s not just about biking; it’s also your ticket to exploring Northwestern Wisconsin’s stunning landscapes up close.

This bike trail truly encapsulates what makes Northern Wisconsin so special – pristine nature combined with exhilarating physical activity.

Pink background with "Hip Grandma Merch" available on front

Paddle Your Way Through Tranquility: Kayaking Adventure

If water sports are more your speed, then kayaking should be at the top of your list when visiting Spooner, WI. You may recall that I’m a fairly new kayaker, but if this girl can do it, you can, too!  If you didn’t pack your own kayak, or you’re a beginner, then grab a rental kayak from Jacobson Outdoors and enjoy a safe yet exciting experience paddling through calm waters surrounded by lush greenery.

This isn’t merely about getting some exercise; it’s a chance to connect deeply with nature while soaking in all its beauty, and that is certainly therapeutic for me!  Jacobson also offers guided fishing trips, so if you are new to the area or just passing through, then here’s a perfect way to get out on the water and catch a few!

The Gist: 

Experience the thrill of Spooner, WI with its vast outdoor adventures. Pedal through Wildcat Mountain Bike Trail’s scenic landscapes or paddle in tranquility with a kayaking journey. Don’t forget to stop by Washburn County Tourism Association for more recreational opportunities and make your Midwest USA exploration unforgettable.

Discover More: Washburn County Tourism Association

If you want to discover even more amazing treasures in Spooner or the surrounding towns, then a visit to the Washburn County Tourism Association must top your list!  This clean and well-appointed little visitor’s center offers detailed information on all kinds of indoor and outdoor experiences throughout Washburn County, including hiking trails, bird-watching spots, fishing areas, places to eat and shop, and the list goes on!

Wrapping it All Up

Spooner, Wisconsin, is a true Midwestern treasure. With its small-town charm, wonderful people, and welcoming atmosphere, each visit feels like returning to an old friend.  The town’s vibrant history can be experienced through the captivating Railroad Memories Museum or aboard the Great Northern Railroad. These adventures offer intriguing insights into Spooner’s past while also serving as enjoyable activities for all age groups.

FAQs in Relation to Spooner Wi

What is the newspaper in Spooner, Wisconsin?

The local newspaper serving Spooner, Wisconsin, is the “Spooner Advocate,” providing news and updates about community events.

Is Spooner, Wisconsin, a good place to live?

Spooner, Wisconsin, offers a serene living environment with outdoor recreational activities, quality schools, and friendly locals. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking small-town charm.

What are the demographics of Spooner, Wisconsin?

Spooner has a population primarily composed of Caucasians. The median age stands around 45 years old, making it home to both families and retirees alike.

How did Spooner Wisconsin get its name?

Spooner was named after Senator John Coit Spooner. His significant contributions towards developing this area led to naming the town in his honor.


Unearthing the charm of Spooner, WI, has been quite an adventure.  This small town, with its big heart and Midwestern friendliness, is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.  Be sure to give yourself a few days to experience everything Spooner has to offer.  And if you’re just passing through, know that there will be plenty more fun waiting for you on your way back through next time!

Spooner WI truly encapsulates everything we love about exploring the Midwest: unassuming yet unforgettable!  Join the Hip Grandma us as I continue my quest through charming towns across the Midwest! Let’s make every trip count!

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