Trendy or Traditional? What Grandma Name Will You Choose?

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Trendy or Traditional? What Grandma Name Will You Choose?

In today’s world, choosing your grandmother name is both a joy and an honor!  Here’s the question:  Do you prefer a trendy grandma name or a more traditional grandmother name? 

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Choosing a grandmother name is so important – they won’t always be this tiny – your grandma name will last forever!

Only the Best Moms get Promoted to Grandmas!

Your baby-related privileges change when you get promoted from parent to grandparent.  You lose the privilege of choosing the baby’s name as that falls to the new parents.  But now you get an even better (and more fun) responsibility. 

You get to choose your grandmother name!  Picking your new name will give you something to do while you wait with excitement for that new bundle of joy!

One thing that hasn’t changed about being a grandma is the importance of that role in our grandchildren’s lives.  As a grandma, we are always there to give unconditional love, say YES, and dish out sound advice that we’ve learned from our own well-lived life.  Whether you are the super-involved grandma and see your sweet grandkids daily, or you’re the grandma who travels or lives far away from the kiddos, your presence in their life is still critical!


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Check Out Some Trendy Grandma Names

Today’s grandma is younger-looking and hipper than the grandmothers of our youth!  We are wise and sassy and need a name that reflects who we truly are, both inside and out!  Here are some trendy grandma names for your consideration.


Nana is a much younger and cuter-sounding name than grandma.  The exciting news about this choice is that you will easily find this trendy grandma name on shirts, cups, and all sorts of home goods because it is a common alternative!  Bring on the Nana gifts!


Mimi is one of the 2020’s newest trendy grandma names.  My very own grandson calls his other grandma by this sweet name.  It’s super easy to say, so it was one of his first words and still one of the words I hear all the time when he’s around.  I love that this dude has two amazing grandmas to love on him and pass on important life lessons!


Glamma is the perfect trendy grandma name for the grandma who is too young and glamorous to feel like a “Grandma.”  I mean – Glamorous Grandma might be a tricky one for your little one to pronounce, so you can combine the two and use this fun choice!


Are you feeling French?  Then Mémé is the grandmother name for you!  Mémé is even better if your grandchild will be learning a second language.  See?  You’ve already got a jump on passing along knowledge when you use this name.


Lovey is a sweet and trendy grandma name.  I mean, Kris Kardashian chose this as her Grandmother name.  I mean – it doesn’t get any trendier than that, does it!?


Great-Grandmothers often choose the moniker of Gigi, but it made this list for a trendy grandma name.  Why wait until you’re a great if you can BE great and use the name now?


Popular in the Southern United States, MeeMaw is easy to pronounce and has become much more commonly heard in all states.  I first heard it from a friend’s son, whose grandparents live down south.  Since my first inro to MeeMaw, I have begun hearing it more and more.

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If you’re the grandma who doesn’t want to be “outed” in public for being an actual grandma, then Peaches is perfection!  I mean – no one nearby will know you’re old enough to be a grandma if your sweet little love uses this trendy grandma name for you.  I can’t help but think of The Golden Girls’ Blanche when I hear this one. No one held on to her youth quite like Blanche!

Thank You for the Friendship:  10 Life Lessons to Learn From TV’s Golden Girls

Choosing Your Grandmother Name is Serious Business

a toddler runs away from parents toward the photographer
Grandkids will associate you with your grandmother name forever! And may you be so lucky to have your sweet grandson always run to you!

Because you are so important in the life of your grandkids and you plan to be around for a long, long time, you want to take this grandmother name business seriously!  So when your big kids come to you and ask what grandmother name you’d like, be sure and put some serious thought into your choice.  You most definitely want something that reflects who you are, both inside and out. 

So, what will it be?  Will you go with a trendy grandma name or a traditional grandmother name?  Let me know in the comments below what your sweet grandkids call you!

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